Charges from melanoma.

Charges from melanoma.

1. Mix forty grams of dioecious nettle, fifty grams of hyssop herb, twenty grams of angelica roots and coriander fruits. A tablespoon of the collection is taken, 250 ml of boiled liquid is poured, for one hour they are sent to infuse under the lid. After filtration, a folk remedy is considered suitable for treatment. Drink three glasses a day.

2. The antitumor harvest looks like this: currant leaves, pine needles, flax seeds, St. John’s wort, dill, oregano, motherwort, aspen bark, alfalfa. All components take five grams. A glass of boiling water accounts for ten grams of the mixture. Stand for several hours under a towel or in a thermos. Take 1.5 cups a day before meals.

3. Anticancer collection is being prepared: hemlock, celandine, sweetthorn, volodushka, sweet clover, thyme, adonis, zyuznik, bedstraw, wormwood, biloba, chaga, meadowsweet, calendula, juniper berries, spruce needles, black poplar buds, aspen bark, spory , comfrey rhizome. Components are taken in equal parts. Selected 15 g of raw materials, pour 300 ml of boiling water. After one hour, filter. Drink 10 ml each time after eating.

4. In the early stages of melanoma, when there are no metastases, a collection is prepared from taken in equal parts: flax seed, currant leaves, licorice root, chokeberry, thyme, wormwood, fruits of hawthorn, dill, motherwort, oregano, pine needles, white mistletoe alfalfa. A tablespoon of raw material is taken and 500 ml of boiling water is steamed for two hours. After filtering, treatment begins — 50 ml three times a day after a meal. The infusion is stored in the refrigerator.
Regular use of the infusion can lead to blood clots, therefore it is categorically not recommended for people with increased blood coagulation.

Charges from melanoma.


According to folk healers, alcohol compounds demonstrate no less pronounced therapeutic effect than phyto-infusions. As a rule, to achieve the first results, it is enough to conduct a weekly therapy. The maximum period of one course is a month.

1. To 500 ml of quality vodka add 10 tablespoons of pre-ground burdock roots. In a place protected from sunlight, can withstand two weeks. Take fifteen milliliters three times, washed down with a small amount of water. The prescription is indicated for skin and eye diseases.

2. Hemlock is endowed with efficacy in the treatment of melanoma. The tops of the plants fill a third of the jar with a volume of 500 ml. Pour a glass of vodka and leave for three weeks. The composition is shaken periodically. Reception is carried out according to a strict scheme, starting with one drop three times a day with a gradual increase of one drop. They reach forty drops and perform the procedure in the reverse order. Take a tincture with a spoon of clean moisture.
Taking hemlock tincture can lead to a sharp decrease in blood pressure.

3. A tincture of the Dzungarian aconite is considered a good tool in the treatment of oncology. Twenty grams of aconite root crushed to the state of a large crumb is added to half a liter of vodka. Exposure lasts two weeks. Accepted similarly to the hemlock tincture with melanoma of the skin and eyes. No less popular is the recipe after removing the formation.
Cases of poisoning with plant-based compounds are not uncommon.

4. At the metastasis stage, it is recommended to take a tincture of pink cataractus. They buy the drug at the pharmacy, drink five drops a day, gradually increasing the dosage to fifteen drops. The course is continued for at least three months.

5. Ginseng root is thoroughly washed and dried. Grind to the state of large crumbs. Pour 100 grams of root with a liter of medical alcohol or vodka. Leave for two weeks. Shake occasionally. Filter. For ten days, take twenty-five drops a day before meals. Helps to increase the body’s resistance even at the 4th stage, recommended for use after removal of the tumor.

6. Twenty joints of the golden mustache are crushed and filled with 500 ml of vodka. Maintained at home for two weeks. Ten drops are used once a day, washed down with a spoon of water. Every day, the dose is increased by one drop.

7. With metastases to the brain, heart, liver and lungs, the use of tinctures of white hymen is indicated. Two large tablespoons of chopped root are poured into 700 ml of red wine and stored for two weeks in a dry, dark place. They languish in a water bath for about twenty minutes and insist for several more days at room temperature. Drink three large spoons three times before meals.
The plant is poisonous, so it can cause poisoning.

8. In a ratio of one to five, the dried raw thistle and medical alcohol are combined. Two weeks stand in a cool dry place, and then use a teaspoon three times in the presence of metastasis.

9. In a ratio of 1: 1 they connect bee subpestilence and vodka. Stand for a week. Drink three times on a dessert spoon, diluting with pure moisture.

10. 100 grams of fresh Ivan-tea flowers are poured with half a liter of vodka. Store in a dark place for ten days. Squeeze the raw materials. Take a pair of dessert spoons five times before meals.

Charges from melanoma.

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