Cholestasis, diet.

Сholestatic liver disease.

Cholestasis, diet.

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Any therapeutic measures will not have the desired effect if the patient does not follow the rules of diet. There are certain foods and drinks that have a choleretic property:

Cholestasis, diet.

Vegetable oils. They contain fats that actively stimulate the gall bladder. Olive / corn / sunflower oil is recommended to consume on a daily basis in an amount of 90 ml and raw — for example, to refuel their salads.

Avocado. In spite of its high fat content, this vegetable has a beneficial effect on the liver — as a result, bile more freely out of the bubble, even at high viscosity. Do not rush into extremes, and every day to eat an avocado, but enter it in the diet and add 30-50 grams of salad would be helpful.

Fruits and vegetables. Of fruit it is recommended to use those different high content of vitamin C — orange / lemon / tangerines, should not be neglected and strawberries. But vegetables need to be careful — beets, fennel, spinach, cabbage (white and colored) has choleretic properties and even serve as prevention formation of gallstones. But potatoes, beans, peas, corn will only enhance the unpleasant symptoms of bile stasis.

Spices and seasonings. The only spice that has been used as a cholagogue in the 13th century, is turmeric. It can be safely added to all dishes.

Beverages. From coffee will have to give at all, but if you are very fond of this drink, you can use chicory — it will not only help get rid of the bitterness in the mouth and pain, but also contribute to the easy way out bile. It is useful to drink a variety of teas — for example, from the hips, herbal teas (prepared personally from the dry mint, marigold flowers).

Cholestasis, diet.

Very good effect makes regular use of mineral water. According to the classification of this disorder it is recommended to use Essentuki №4 and №17, Borjomi as follows: 1 cup of heated water before every meal for a month.

For the treatment of mineral water should know exactly the level of acidity of gastric juice — if higher, the glass of warm water should be drunk within 30 minutes before a meal, if reduced — 40 minutes if normal — for 90 minutes. The break between the monthly rate should be no less than 90 days.

It is known that bile produced by the most active during the day, but by evening it significantly reduced the number. That is why patients with stagnation of bile is not recommended to eat before going to bed, and in the evening you need to limit the menu easily digestible foods — for example, to drink a cup of yogurt, eat a salad of fresh vegetables, prepared fruit salad with yogurt.

Traditional methods.

The most effective cholagogue — herbal teas. They can be made at home, and the result will be noticeable within a few days of their regular use. Prepare a dandelion flowers, peppermint leaves, marigold flowers, crush them and cover with hot water (at the rate of 1 tablespoon of mixture per cup of boiling water). Infuse the drug should be at least an hour, then strain and take 100 ml one hour before meals.

Herbal strictly forbidden to take patients who have gallstones. Keep drinking the broth can not be said — to do this under the scheme: take 2 weeks / 3 weeks’ rest. »

Useful for stagnation of bile to drink 3 cups daily «cocktail» of water and a teaspoon of lemon juice. But remember — this tool is effective and safe at the same time only in the case of normal or low acidity of gastric juice.

By following a diet, regularly taking herbal and adhering to the recommendations from the category of «traditional medicine» can significantly reduce the unpleasant symptoms of stagnation of bile, and in some cases, and to normalize the functionality of the gallbladder.


Cholestasis, diet.

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