Cholestasis treatment.

Folk remedy for stagnation of bile.

Cholestasis treatment.

Cholestasis treatment. Stagnation of bile and a significant reduction in its amount, falls into the duodenum, in medicine is classified as cholestasis. It is noteworthy that diagnose this disease simply because the patient will complain of:

pain in the right upper quadrant;
sense of bitterness in the mouth;
classic signs of digestive disorders;
enlargement of the liver.

Cholestasis treatment.

Stagnation of bile should be treated only under medical supervision and after a full examination, because the complications of such a condition serious enough: hepatic failure, cirrhosis of the liver. Therapeutic measures can include both prescription drugs and physical therapy, but in the first place are cholagogue grass with stagnation of bile. Cholestasis treatment.

Fees, has choleretic effect.

In pharmacies sold Bile charges 1, 2, 3 — what to choose? To ensure that this process was properly should know the composition of each of the charges and the action components:

Choleretic collection №1.

Mint — only the leaves of this plant, has a significant impact on the functioning of the liver and gall bladder (stimulates). It has sedative properties, which provide an analgesic effect.

Vata three-sheeted — classified as anti-inflammatory agent of vegetable origin.

Coriander — in this herbal plant seeds are used has a direct choleretic effect.

Immortelle — the most commonly used herb in the treatment of diseases of the liver and gall bladder. Flowers Helichrysum improves the tone of the gall bladder, significantly reduce cholesterol and bilirubin, normalize bile viscosity.

Choleretic collection number 2.

It differs from the previous one only by the composition of yarrow — a representative of the flora, which is traditionally indicated for diseases of the gallbladder and liver.

Its properties: antispasmodic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and, in fact, choleretic.

Choleretic collection number 3.

Tansy — is used flowers, has anti-inflammatory and stimulating action.

Chamomile and calendula — flowers of these plants have antimicrobial effects, providing the output of bile.

In addition, the composition of the cholagogue with stagnation of bile include peppermint and yarrow.

How to accept cholagogue collecting.

Available said Bile vegetable origin means in the form of a mixture of dry raw materials: collection №1 — «loose», №2-3 — in special bags custard. Many believe that these charges can be and should be drunk as a tea — the more the better. And in fact, there are specific recommendations for the preparation and dosage:

Collection №1: take a tablespoon of herb mixture pour 200 ml of water and cook at maximum low heat for 15 minutes. Then, the resulting broth infused within 40-60 minutes, filtered and diluted with water to give the original volume (200 ml). Dosage: a day will need 300 ml of a ready broth, which is used in three steps. The therapeutic course must be at least 2 weeks, but is considered to be the most effective course of 4 weeks.

Collection №2: brewed according to the same principle as in the foregoing description, in the day of the patient to drink a glass of not more than 1.5. For children it is recommended to reduce the daily dosage of up to 150 ml. The duration of use of the collection should not be less than 1 week and more than a month.

Collection №3: it is realized in filtration (custard) bags, so its preparation is significantly facilitated. In 200 ml of boiling water and insist 1-2 brewed bag, a day should be consumed 3 cups of the tool, divided into three stages. The maximum duration of therapy — 4 weeks.

Phyto is strictly forbidden to take with cholelithiasis, when the stone is located in the ducts and can impede the exit of bile. When pregnancy listed Bile fees are appointed only in exceptional cases — where the risk to health / life of a woman is much higher risk of adversely affecting the development of the fetus.

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Cholestasis treatment.


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