Chronic prostatitis

Chronic prostatitis.

On the eastern path.

For many years I have been fascinated by the study of oriental philosophy and methods of healing the body.
It should be noted that in no other part of the world there are such healthy people as in Asia: in Japan, in Tibet, in China. Chronic prostatitis.

And this is largely due to the fact that all of their medicine is built on gymnastics, massages and medicinal plants. So why can not we learn something from their culture, centuries of experience?

With the help of health gymnastics, I personally achieved that my body does not know the word «disease». And this despite the fact that I’m already in the sixty.

And most recently I had a chance to help my neighbor. A young man is still a man, about 35, but he had problems with man’s power. Once in a conversation I complained. I advised him to do a massage.

Chronic prostatitis.

It was about the methods of the Japanese health system «punks», which are a therapy of pressing the thumb pad strictly perpendicular to the surface of the skin. To strengthen and restore potency, if you follow the directions of this system, the following techniques are useful:

1. Easy pressure on the points of the lumbar vertebrae and sacrum ten times for 3 seconds per each.

2. Pressing on the area between the navel and the pubic region.

3. The application of fingers to the zones of the liver below the right costal arch.

4. Elastic pressing around the anus and in the perineal region.

5. Elastic compression of the testicles. According to the Japanese system, the amount of compression should correspond to the number of years a man has lived.

Of course, the treatment of this kind of problems with the help of massage is not a matter of time. But the effect will surpass all expectations.

In any case, this is how it happened with the neighbor. I advised, told and forgot. And my neighbor turned out to be a stubborn peasant. As it turned out, he did this massage for two months with an enviable regularity. After he came to me, he shared the results. I admit that I did not expect this.

Judging by his words, the strength was restored so much that even before the weakening was not.
Yes, and improvements began after several recovery sessions.

Now my neighbor is not only healthy, but also with me continues to study, comprehend and implement the depths of eastern wisdom. In other words — we are doing health gymnastics together. And rumors of neighborhoods spread — a few more people joined us. Now we have a whole group, every morning in the park we do gymnastics.

Beauty and health! So judge, how useful can be the knowledge that came to us from the East.


Chronic prostatitis.

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