Cleaning vessels with folk remedies.

Cleaning vessels with folk remedies.

Throughout life, vessels in the human body are prone to clogging with cholesterol, as a result of this, blood circulation is disturbed, the vessels narrow and become brittle. The next step is blood pressure increase, hypertension occurs.

Removing animal fats from the diet and replacing them with vegetable fats, limiting the use of salted, fried, canned food in conjunction with folk remedies for cleaning blood vessels contributes to the success of the treatment of the cardiovascular system.

Cleaning vessels with folk remedies is recommended annually. There are many recipes and ways to bring blood vessels to normal.

A wonderful remedy for slagging of blood vessels is a combination of lemon and garlic. Lemon is famous for the fact that it contains a huge amount of antioxidants and ascorbic acid, which helps to thin the blood.

Garlic in any form perfectly dissolves cholesterol plaques. To prepare the infusion, it is recommended to take a kilogram of lemons and a quarter kilogram of garlic. Squeeze the juice of lemons and mix with grated garlic. Insist for two to three days. Take a teaspoon before eating.

Meadow clover flowers contribute to cleaning vessels with folk remedies. It is necessary to fill in a handful of dried flowers with a liter of hot boiled water and let it brew for several days. After this, strain and take a teaspoon of infusion before eating.

To clean the vessels, take half a liter of warm boiled water, add two tablespoons of natural honey and the same amount of cinnamon to it. Stir and take a spoonful before meals.

Cleaning vessels with folk remedies also consists in a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to throw out fatty foods from the diet, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Physical activity in the fresh air is recommended. It must be remembered that alcohol and tobacco are one of the main factors in blockage of blood vessels.

Cleaning vessels with folk remedies.

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