Cleanses the face.

Best facial cleanser for acne. 

Cleanses the face.

After work, when we come home, you need to clean the face. Those who have oily skin, so wash well with soap and water. If you have irritated skin, it is recommended to prepare a mixture of equal parts of oats, starch and salt. Fold the gauze into three layers, put back a little of the mixture, can get a bag and gently massage it on the face massage lines — This procedure cleans the skin. Cleanses the face.

Cleanses the face.

Here is the recipe of soap cream is suitable for all skin types, effectively and gently cleanses the skin.
One time, when I was working at the pharmacy, we were doing a soap-cream — it was a great success and it immediately dismantled. Then came the woman for a long time and asked if we have such a cream.

Soap cream. cleanses the face.

To prepare the cream soap is necessary to prepare a 100-gram superfatted piece of soap ( «Children» or «cosmetic»), 1 tbsp. spoon of camphor spirit, 1 tbsp. spoon of liquid ammonia, 1 tbsp. spoon glycerin, 0.5 h. spoon of citric acid, 0.5 cups of hydrogen peroxide, 1.5-2 cups of water.
Soap Grate, brew with hot water, add glycerin and leave to swell for 2-3 hours, it is possible — for the night.
Then put this mixture on low heat and stir well to soap dissolved, dispersed. Then gradually add ammonia, camphor and alcohol, citric acid, stirring until smooth masses. The mixture is then remove from heat, add the warm weight of hydrogen peroxide, again all mix well and pour the cream over the finished soap jars.

Cleanses the face.

Use this cream instead of soap — a little podcherpnite his fingernail and spread over his face. As a result of washing with soap so skin becomes very good, well-groomed.

Lubricate the face with a cream before leaving the house in cold weather is not recommended, as this enhanced cooling effect due to the freezing point of water — an essential component of any cream.
At temperatures below 0 ° C before going out you can not use moisturizing creams can only slightly powdered face.

This soap-cream you can make at home, because all the components are available: camphor alcohol, glycerol and ammonia can be purchased at the pharmacy

Camphor soap.

This soap is suitable for all skin types. To make it, take one 100-gram piece of the «Children» or «cosmetic» soap, 3/4 cup of camphor alcohol, 0.5 cups of vegetable oil (or can take castor oil), 3/4 cup of glycerin and 1.5 cups of water .
Soap Grate, add water, glycerin and leave overnight for swelling. In the morning, warm the mixture, while stirring, add the remaining ingredients and the finished soap lay in jars.

Wash your face at night.

Wash overnight useful as fat in the skin layer is oxidized in air, hinders its normal physiological processes.
However, just before going to bed wash your face should not be, especially with cool water, as for some it causes insomnia.
Before washing is useful for 5 minutes to put on the skin, especially peeling, any milk product (kefir, acidophilus, yogurt 1-2 days old).
Wash with soap and water is enough 1 time per day. Elderly wash your face and neck with soap and water is enough 2 times a week. In the morning and during the day it is advisable to clean the skin cooked at home from extracts of plants such as arnica, St. John’s wort, lemon, calendula (Marigolds), cucumber, plantain, horsetail.


Cleanses the face.

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