Cleansing diet.

Cleansing diet for 7 days.

Cleansing diet.

Cleansing the body — an important component of a healthy lifestyle. We offer a 7-day cleansing diet.

Colon Cleansing — it is a very effective procedure. And not just for people looking for her figure and addicted to a healthy lifestyle. Even the youngest and strong body purgation gives good health, normalizes metabolism and helps maintain health for many years. Well, if you are overweight, a problem with a chair, no appetite, insomnia, depression, bowel disease, or simply feeling bad, then, without bowel cleansing with these problems you just do not cope on their own.

Prepare for bowel cleansing is necessary in advance. A week before the beginning of the cleansing diet is better to exclude from your diet strong black tea and coffee. But in unlimited quantities can drink soda, any herbal and green teas, yogurt and unsweetened yogurt.

It is also hard to give up food: grilled meat and fish, canned products and a large number of spices. It is better to eat more plant foods, without subjecting them to heat treatment. Also during the cleansing diet at your disposal all kinds of dairy products of any fat content.
If you are taking any medications or dietary supplements, some of them, if possible, should be avoided, too.
While most diets adhere to the basic rule: four products you have to say a categorical «no.» This salt, sugar, bread and sparkling water.

Menu cleansing diet for 7 days:

1 and 2 day.
For two days, try not to eat anything other than green apples. Because liquid can be consumed green tea with honey. These days, prepare your bowels for further purification.
3 day.
Breakfast: oat meal, a glass of mineral water.
Lunch: lean beef, vegetables.
Dinner: boiled rice, tea with lemon.
4 day.
Breakfast: a cup of coffee and oat meal.
Lunch: 3 apples.
Supper: a tea, a slice of lemon and orange.
5 day.
Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese, mineral water and grated carrots.
Dinner: boiled or baked potato, coleslaw, tomato and cucumber, seasoned with vegetable oil.
Dinner: boiled rice and tea with lemon.
Day 6.
Breakfast and lunch: oat meal with vegetables (pumpkin, carrots, spinach).
Dinner: boiled rice and yogurt.
Day 7.
Breakfast: a cup of coffee, a slice of cheese.
Lunch: vegetable broth, 2 apples.
Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese and yogurt.

The number on the meal you can define yourself. But it should not exceed 200 g If the intervals between meals, you still feel hungry, it is recommended to drink half a glass of warm boiled water, adding to a slice of lemon.

And remember that before the diet you need to be sure to consult a doctor, especially if you know first hand about diseases such as intestinal obstruction, colitis, goiter, etc.

Please note that for bowel cleansing diet is not recommended for large physical exertion.
Clean your body, only then you will feel at 100.


Cleansing diet.

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