Cleansing lymph.

Cleansing lymph.

Cleansing lymph. Very often, the need to cleanse the lymphatic system arises in certain diseases of the lungs, liver and kidneys, since the lymphatic vessels increase, congestion, edema appear and, as a result, waste filtration is disturbed.

Traditional medicine recommends cleansing the lymph using the following folk remedies:

1.Daily 1 tablespoon of celery juice 3 times a day, and at the same time you can drink 1/2 cup of celery infusion throughout the day;

2.1 tablespoon of seaweed one hour after eating. Seaweed will help cleanse the lymph and saturate the body with iodine. The course can last from 1 to 3 months.

3. 30 minutes before meals, 1/2 cup of potato juice. Potato juice washes out the lymphatic vessels very well and also softens seasonal exacerbations of stomach and duodenal ulcers;

4. On an empty stomach, about 500 grams of raw pumpkin. Raw pumpkin will cover the lack of carotene in the body;

5. A mixture of beet and carrot juice, and in summer and cucumber in a ratio of 1: 2: 1. This vitamin mixture will perfectly cleanse the lymphatic vessels and the nodes that have appeared in them;

6.Regularly sweet pepper, it will strengthen blood vessels and capillaries;

7. Tea or a decoction of sunflower roots. It helps to dissolve and remove salts that have appeared in the vessels, freeing the bends and nodes of the lymphatic vessels;

Once again about cleaning blood vessels

I ask you to publish the recipe for cleaning blood vessels with lemon-garlic infusion, which many people ask me about.

Here is the prescription. We take 4 medium heads of garlic, 4 lemons with peel, turn everything through a meat grinder, transfer to a 3-liter jar, fill it to the brim with warm boiled water and infuse for three days, stirring constantly. Then we filter and start drinking 75-100 g 3 times a day.

While drinking one can, do the next.

I drank 5 cans, as a result, I got rid of headaches, decreased cholesterol levels, healed a trophic ulcer, cleared blood vessels.

Every spring I stock up on woodlice, dry it and drink it all winter, it also cleans the vessels.

Many people ask me about resin, pine or spruce juice. In pharmacies, resin is not sold, so you need to collect it during sap flow in early May. Make a small hole in the trunk and insert the straw as you would for collecting birch sap. Collect the resin in a tray tied to a tree, and then be sure to coat the hole.

Cleansing the blood..

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