Cleansing the blood.

Cleansing the blood.

Purification of blood and blood vessels with folk remedies.

Cleansing blood vessels and blood improves the general condition of the body, strengthens health and rejuvenates. The processes of digestion are normalized, the condition of the skin improves, pains in the joints disappear.

It should be noted that cleansing blood vessels with folk remedies is the safest and most beneficial way. All chemistry is absent. The products are completely natural. So cleansing with folk remedies is the simplest, most effective and affordable method.

So, the first week of cleansing the blood and blood vessels: the beneficial properties of beet juice are known to everyone. How to cook it? Take the beets and put them through a juicer.

You should drink half a glass of juice daily. Drink 2 times. Pre-beet juice should be kept in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

Beet juice has been proven to cleanse the body; Traditional medicine has long been using juice as an effective healing agent.

The juice normalizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as gives energy, improves heart activity and cleanses blood vessels.

The next week of cleansing is taking a dandelion root infusion. The infusion for cleansing must be prepared daily.

Method: chop the root of the plant and pour a tablespoon into a thermos; pour boiling water (1 glass); insist. You need to take a third of a glass three times a day.

The third week is blood cleansing with burdock. It is known that this plant heals joints, normalizes metabolic processes, cleanses blood vessels and blood.

A folk remedy for burdock is prepared by analogy with dandelion infusion.

Fourth week — celery — effective cleansing. You can buy it at any store. Celery juice is excellent for cleansing the blood, boosts immunity and allows you to cure various skin diseases.

To prepare the product, the cuttings of the plant should be chopped by passing through a meat grinder. You can increase efficiency with juice from carrots. You need to drink a glass of this juice every day.

After completing at least one course of blood and vascular purification with folk remedies, you will feel a surge of strength and youth.

Cleansing the blood.

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