Cleopatra’s face masks.

Cleopatra’s face masks.

Cleopatra’s mask was famous for its amazing anti-aging effect. Today, royal luxury is available to everyone to care for and improve their appearance. Simple ingredients gave the skin freshness and velvety, protecting it from the scorching sun. The famous Golden mask of Cleopatra, which the great ruler used to sleep, became the prototype for creating a modern magnetic.

Homemade recipes for youth masks from Cleopatra

You can touch the secrets of the great ruler today. Natural ingredients, available for skin care, will give youth and elasticity. Thanks to the regular use of Cleopatra masks, you can restore the freshness and radiance of the skin at any age.

Mask for problem skin

Recipes from Cleopatra will help take care of problem skin prone to acne. Unhealthy complexion, traces of acne and peeling go away when using cosmetic products twice a week. A mask based on black clay will relieve comedones, allowing you to refresh the color.
10 gr. black clay;
20 ml of milk;
2 drops of tea tree ether.
Mix black clay well with warm milk, add ether drops. Distribute in a circular massage motion on the surface. Finish your face after thirty minutes.

Mask for aging skin

The tonic effect of Cleopatra’s mask allows you to restore elasticity, activate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. The magnificent properties of the simple available products today, many centuries ago, allowed the Egyptian queen to conquer all unearthly beauty. A mask is also useful for improving immune properties, protecting the integument from the scorching effect of ultraviolet radiation.
15 gr oatmeal;
3 yolks;
5 drops of ether rose.
Crush the flakes thoroughly in a mortar, but to keep large particles, mix with whipped yolks, introduce flower oil. Distribute generously on the face, leaving only the eyelid region. Enjoy the action for about thirty minutes, complete as usual.

Mask for aging skin

It will help to rejuvenate the face, remove, swelling, reduce wrinkles cosmetic product with rose petals, created by your own hands. The beneficial properties of natural ingredients make up for nutrient deficiencies by restoring moisture, vitamins and minerals. A mask with a rejuvenating effect should be used three / four times a week.
15 gr sour cream;
10 gr. rose petals.
Beat the chilled sour cream intensively with a whisk to saturate with air, add chopped petals and repeat the process. Using a brush, distribute the mass along the massage lines, leave to act for twenty / thirty minutes, then remove with a damp sponge.


The ancient mask of youth is popular today due to the miraculous effect. The magnificent procedure gives the skin tenderness and velvety. Thanks to the soft removal of the epithelium, the face becomes fresh, with a uniform color.
10 gr. honey;
5 gr. oat flour;
10 ml of lemon juice.
Mix natural honey with cereal powder and fruit juice. Distribute the finished product on a steamed surface, leave for eighteen minutes, then wash.


One of the most effective means to cleanse and restore elasticity for centuries was clay. Cosmetic compounds strengthen facial capillaries, remove dead skin cells, even out the structure. After the procedure, the face is renewed, all aesthetic flaws go through. Positive feedback on the use of the mask makes it universal for all types.
15 gr Moroccan clay;
10 ml of milk;
5 ml peach oil.
Pour clay with warm milk and add moisturizing oil. Steam the face thoroughly with a compress, use a spatula to distribute it with smoothing movements from the bottom up. Enjoy the action for about twenty minutes, rinse off, as usual.


It will give a smooth well-groomed face without wrinkles a rejuvenating milk-based mask. It is recommended to use as a preventive measure after 25 years to avoid the appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. For dry skin, with a flabbiness, it is better to replace milk with cream. Be sure to check for an allergic reaction, apply the prepared composition to your wrist and wait half an hour.
15 ml of milk;
10 gr. oatmeal;
5 gr. flower pollen.
In hot milk, steam the flakes, leave for ten minutes, then add pollen granules. Spread evenly and hold for about fifteen minutes. After washing, wet the moisture with a sponge.


An old recipe with onions allows you to activate intracellular processes, accelerate the epidermis renewal. Royal peeling helped maintain freshness and youthfulness of the skin due to the constant removal of the stratum corneum. Natural cosmetics will help to improve the structure, relieve pigmentation and scars.
15 gr Luke;
5 ml of lemon juice;
3 drops of jasmine essential oil.

Peel the onion, put it in the freezer for five minutes, then grind it into a homogeneous gruel. Add juice and aroma drops. Use a brush to spread it in several layers, avoiding the eyelids and mouth area. Keep no more than seven minutes, complete in the usual way.


Folk remedies help whiten the skin, restore tone and elasticity. A mask of tomatoes has amazing cleansing properties to remove decay products and toxins from tissues. Suitable mask for problem and oily skin, reducing the amount of secretion and significantly narrowing the pores. It can be used twice a month in the absence of wounds and cracks in the epidermis.
15 ml of tomato;
5 gr. chickpea flour;
2 drops of sandalwood ether.
Peel the vegetable, grind it and mix with bean powder, add wood oil. Apply the finished composition evenly to the skin, hold for about twelve minutes, if slight tingling occurs faster, immediately wash off the mask.


The best, cleansing and tonic product for sensitive skin is oatmeal. At home, you can also prepare nutritious mixtures, saturating delicate, thin skin with vitamins and minerals. It is useful to apply regularly for whitening and freshness, restoring firmness and elasticity.
15 gr oatmeal;
20 gr. applesauce;
25 drops of olive oil.
Turn oatmeal into powder, chop apples into a homogeneous mass on a blender, combining the components, introduce the oil. Distribute the finished product with a generous layer on the skin, hold for fifteen / twenty minutes. Finish in the usual way.


A tonic cosmetic mask will speed up the renewal processes, strengthen the vascular network, smooth out small wrinkles. Effective recipes for the care of all skin types, providing a complex of useful elements.
a pinch of cinnamon;
quail egg;
10 gr. sour cream.
Beat the egg with sour cream and spices, steam the face with a hot compress, spread the product with a brush in a thick layer without spaces. Hold for about twenty-five minutes, after completing.

With gelatin

Helps to deeply moisturize, nourish, care for age-related skin folk recipe. Collagen mask softens and smoothes wrinkles, corrects the line of the oval. Use after 35 years with eight-day courses.
15 gr gelatin;
25 ml of milk;
3 drops of mandarin ester.
Dilute granules with hot milk, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved, add aroma drops. Quickly, before it cools down, apply a multilayer mask. After thirty / thirty-five minutes, remove the cured film.

With propolis

Cleopatra’s cosmetic mask with bee products allows you to cope with pustules and problem porous skin. The therapeutic effect is noticeable after the first procedure, the color becomes even, undergo pigmentation, peeling.
5 gr. propolis;
20 ml of olive oil;
5 gr. honey.
Grind propolis, put olive oil in a water bath, add bee glue, not forgetting to stir constantly. Five minutes later, remove from heat, wait until it cools down and add honey. Distribute the prepared mass on the surface, hold for half an hour, remove with moist cotton pads.

With aloe

It has an amazing moisturizing and lifting effect known to all plants. The first alginate masks of antiquity were prepared on the basis of succulent.

10 gr. aloe;
10 ml of milk;
10 gr. clay.
Combine cosmetic clay with milk and squeezed vegetable juice. Distribute from bottom to top with a spatula, complete after ten minutes.

Cleopatra's face masks.

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