Coffee body scrub.

Coffee body scrub.

A scrub is a special paste made of solid particles. It cleanses and renews the skin. Coffee scrub can act as an exfoliation as well as a lifting.

The action of the scrub solids:

They remove keratinized cells.
Narrows pores.
Fight acne.
Gives the skin a tan appearance.

To ensure that the paste does not leave scratches on the dermis, it should be fine or medium grind.

The benefits of coffee beans for the body.

Coffee beans are attributed miraculous properties. By preparing a properly prepared scrub of them, you can achieve excellent results.

Caffeine speeds up the metabolism, zinc fights stretch marks. Included in the vitamin B3 (niacin) relieves irritation, eliminates peeling.

The substance prevents skin dehydration, improves texture, makes scars almost invisible, improves collagen production, increases elasticity.

Skin peeling is a popular procedure. Many girls tend to make it at home. According to the experience of many cosmetologists, the most popular exfoliants include:

Coffee grounds.
Citrus citrus peel.
Cottage cheese.

Scrub for the body with their own hands: the best recipes.

Body scrub from coffee — a great way to give yourself pleasure, to get rid of stretch marks, «orange» peel. Cosmetologists have developed a composition that works in the best way.

With cottage cheese

The product maintains the tone of the skin, makes it smooth, young. Excellent effect on dry and normal skin type. Add fifty grams of medium-fat cottage cheese to six tablespoons of ground coffee and mix together.

Apply by massage and rinse off with plenty of warm water after 15 minutes.

With honey

Tones and refreshes the skin, fights cellulite, removes edema, makes the skin soft and velvety and evens out skin tone.

Add one hundred grams of honey to two tablespoons of ground coffee. This is enough for one procedure.

The remedy is applied for fifteen to twenty minutes, rinse with warm, running water.

With oatmeal flakes.

A natural remedy heals cracks, wounds, suitable for dry skin.

Add to 50 gr. of ground oat flakes two tablespoons of ground coffee, put it on the skin and leave for five minutes. The mass removes keratinized layer of cells and makes the skin supple and silky.

Contraindications .

Contraindications include:

Open wounds, cracks.
Pregnancy, lactation.
Hot weather.
Near blood vessels.

Important: Before using the scrub, apply a small portion to the skin and see if there is redness or irritation. If there is such a reaction, it is not recommended to use the product.

Coffee body scrub.

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