Coffee for the skin of the face.

Coffee for the skin of the face.

Scrub and masks at home.

Coffee is an excellent cosmetic product for face care. The positive effect of coffee on the skin made it possible to use this product for the preparation of various masks and facial scrubs.

The benefits of coffee for the face.

Women always tend to look younger. The use of coffee in skin care gives an excellent result in this direction. Using masks using coffee, skin rejuvenation is immediately noticeable.
The composition of coffee beans contains substances that determine a good effect on the skin of the face:

Caffeine — cleanses and tones the skin, promotes the production of enzymes responsible for cell regeneration;

Antioxidants — are responsible for the anti-aging effect;

Chlorogenic acid — protects the skin from ultraviolet rays;

Carotenoids — give the skin a healthy color;

A set of trace elements and vitamins provide the skin with substances.

The use of coffee products in cosmetology yields amazing results in a short time and spending a minimum of money. Using products based on this product, you can restore facial skin in a short time. After several procedures, the tone of the face rises and lipid metabolism returns to normal. Applying face coffee, you can forget about dry skin.

Simple masks in the composition with coffee and other inexpensive products will help normalize blood circulation and metabolism in the skin of the face. As a result, the skin perfectly tightens and becomes elastic. To remove swelling and fatigue from the face will help the same means.

A coffee face scrub can cleanse the skin thanks to the finest particles of coffee grounds. This method can be safely used at home several times a week, and the skin will always be clean and velvety.

The use of coffee in face skin care has a number of contraindications:
1. Any open wounds on the face .;
2. Herpes formations.
3. Infectious rashes.
4. Allergy to coffee.

If at least one of the indicated manifestations on the face is observed, then the use of such funds can cause additional harm to the inflamed areas of the skin.

Coffee face scrub.

To cleanse your face from all kinds of dirt and remove dead cells, you can use a coffee scrub at home. It fights skin problems, softens and velvety the face.

Cooking a homemade facial scrub is quick and easy.
To prepare it, you need to use coffee:
1. Coffee without additives, natural.
2. Fine grinding.
3. Fried.

Instant coffee should not be used to make scrubs. Large grains can damage the skin and the application process will be painful. If coffee grounds are used, they must be completely cooled so as not to cause a burn.

The first time a scrub is best applied to a small area on the wrist. If redness does not appear after a couple of minutes, then you can use a face scrub — an allergic reaction will not occur.

You can make a face coffee scrub according to several recipes:

1. Coffee and almond scrub — place 2 tablespoons of coffee beans in 100 grams of almond oil with a small amount of brown sugar.
2. Coffee scrub with yogurt (1: 2).
3. Gel — coffee — 1 tablespoon of coffee is mixed with two tablespoons of gel for washing. Coffee for washing the face with gel can be used 3-4 times a week.
4. Coffee-oatmeal — a tablespoon of ground coffee is mixed with 2 tablespoons of ground oatmeal flakes and a spoon of yogurt.
5. Salt and coffee scrub — a spoon of sea salt is mixed with a tablespoon of coffee. Large particles of salt are removed from the prepared scrub so as not to injure the skin of the face.

All these scrubs from ground coffee and its beans cleanse the skin of the face and tone it. These products are easy to prepare and give excellent results. Very useful for the skin when it is part of masks and scrubs.

Scrubs are applied to a pre-washed face and preferably after taking a bath. When the pores on the skin open, face peeling with coffee is more effective. Apply the mixture to the face and massage the face in a circular motion for several minutes. During this time, the cosmetic product absorbs all the dirt and dead skin cells. Then the scrub is washed off the face with warm water.

How to prepare recipes for homemade face masks from coffee, you can find out HERE

Coffee for the skin of the face.

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