Coffee good for you.

Coffee: the benefits and harms.

Coffee good for you.

For many, this beverage has become a part of lifestyle. With him begins morning, they are supported by forces throughout the day. How coffee affects body, it is harmful or helpful? Coffee good for you.

In coffee, as with any other drink, there are pluses and minuses. If not exceed certain dose and take into account contraindications, the coffee drink can be helpful, if it is to drink a lot, you can harm themselves.


1. Improves mental and physical performance.

This property shall caffeine coffee. This alkaloid blocks certain receptors in the brain (adenosine), due to which there is the effect of the tide forces.

2. Able to remove a migraine attack.

Since coffee dilates blood vessels, including the brain, the spasm, which causes headache, may pass.

3. Serves as the prevention of cancer.

Some people believe that coffee — a carcinogen. In fact, all Conversely, those who regularly consume this drink at normal doses (1-3 cups of brewed coffee a day) may feel more protected from cancer. At least, from the liver and bowel cancer — this is indicated by the results of several studies.
This effect is due to the action of antioxidants contained in coffee. how
it turned out, this drink contains them even more than in green tea.

4. Helps to lose weight.

Coffee has the effect of burning fat by increasing metabolic activity.

Drinking coffee depressing effect on the adrenal glands. Neutralize stress effect of coffee can help to add on a pinch of ginger and cardamom.

5.Pomogaet struggle with Alzheimer’s disease.

The increased interest of researchers in Alzheimer’s disease is associated with the fact that this disease causes great damage to the economies of developed countries. Patients (and it is, as a rule, older people, 60 and older) are seen as cognitive (related to memory and understanding) and emotional disturbances — irritability, aggressiveness, growing from month to month. Increasing protein plaques on neurons lead to
the fact that the patient transformed into a helpless invalid, and after an average of seven years from the onset of the disease dies. So, as a result of numerous studies conducted in various countries (Japan, Finland, France, USA) for 4 years with the participation of 7,000 volunteers revealed that regular consumption of 3 cups of brewed coffee or 6 cups of tea per day reduces the risk of memory loss by 30% in people over 65 years and by 70% in octogenarians.


1. Can deplete the nervous system.

This occurs when an overdose when the coffee is too strong and when they drink it too often. In this shrinking reserves in the body of substances that transmit signals to the nervous system.

Symptoms of burnout:
irritability, depression, frequent palpitations, insomnia. To avoid this, you should drink no more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day. Therefore, the permissible dose — 1 dess. Spoon custard coffee 100-200 ml of boiling water.

2. Promotes the excretion of minerals.

Due to the pronounced diuretic effect of coffee can rid the body of calcium, magnesium and other beneficial trace elements. Because of this, people regularly consume coffee, even in normal doses, may
feel weakness, depression, pain in the heart, headaches.

3. «kill» vitamins.

Under the influence of the caffeine is derived from an organism vitamin B1, which provides and regulates carbohydrate metabolism (including the skin) and working nerves.
With his lack of deteriorating quality of the skin and hair — they are dry, worsening memory. Deficiency of vitamin B1 can compensate for coffee drinkers with a regular intake of vitamins.

Who can not drink coffee?

As it turned out, caffeine does not cause hypertension. For those who do not drink coffee at all, after one or two cups temporarily raises blood pressure. But those who drink coffee all the time, like this happens, probably because of the addiction.
However, there is a group of people who can not drink coffee, because it may exacerbate them for existing diseases. They are the ones who suffer from glaucoma, marked atherosclerosis, diabetes.
Coffee, you should not drink while taking medicines to treat cardiovascular diseases.
Do not drink coffee and people with kidney disease, as well as increased irritability and insomnia.
A child is better not to drink coffee at all. The fact is that coffee, particularly soluble and accelerates the excretion of calcium from the body, and its growing child’s body just takes a lot.

Caffeine is able to enter into a relationship with nicotine, and this adversely affects not only the nervous system, but also on the whole body. To such conclusion experts of the University of Duke in North Carolina.

The fact is that when a person smokes, the nicotine in smoke part back into the atmosphere, and in the use of coffee 90% nicotine sludge remains in the body.


Coffee good for you.

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