Colitis treatment.

Colitis treatment.

Colitis is an inflammatory lesion of the mucous membrane of the colon. The disease has two forms — acute and chronic. The first proceeds rapidly and quickly, often bordering on the lesion of the small intestine (enterocolitis), rectum (proctitis) and stomach (gastritis).

Acute intestinal colitis is provoked by food poisoning, an allergic reaction, and excessive use of medications. Colitis caused by dysbiosis, complications of infectious lesions of the intestine and enzyme deficiency usually goes into a chronic form.

Colitis treatment. Microclysters.

With regular performance, microclysters help in relieving inflammation of the mucosa, heal wounds and normalize the motility of the colon. A therapeutic agent is injected with a large syringe with a catheter or a rubber bulb. In this case, lying is recommended on the left side. The course lasts about a month (according to the procedure in the evening). The result promises to be noticeable in the second week of treatment.

1. The rapid healing of wounds and sores is facilitated by the introduction of 50 ml of sea buckthorn oil into the anus. Its preparation should take place at home. Take a glass of berries, squeeze the juice. The resulting cake is poured with vegetable oil at a rate of one to one. Oil should lightly cover the cake. Three weeks later, the composition is filtered. Store in the refrigerator. The procedure is carried out in the supine position at night. In the morning, consume 20 ml of the same oil on an empty stomach.

2. A tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile flowers is brewed with 0.22 l of boiled liquid. Cool and add some honey. For microclysters uses 50 ml. The course of treatment is eight procedures.

3. Acute colitis is treated with starch. Five grams of corn, potato or rice are diluted in 0.1 l of warm water. Stir, gradually introducing 0.1 l of boiling water. Use a tool (50 ml per procedure) with a temperature of 40 degrees.

4. Take a glass of warm water 50 ml of fish oil, a similar amount of infusion of chamomile or rosehip seed oil. Mix and divide into two procedures. Perform an enema before a night’s rest.

5. In the presence of ulcers and cracks in the large intestine, microclysters with sugar are indicated at home. For 500 ml of water, Art. l granulated sugar. The resulting volume is enough for 8-10 manipulations. The method helps to cleanse the intestines.

6. 4% propolis tincture is added to a small amount of pure water. The procedure is performed with exacerbation of the disease.

7. Prepare rice broth (rice and water at the rate of one to two), add 30 grams of lactose. Microclysters perform in the evening. At first, discomfort will be felt, but at the end of the week of treatment, relief will come: heartburn will go away, flatulence will be minimized.

8. In an equal amount, common oregano, leaves of drooping birch, perforated St. John’s wort grass, calendula officinalis, large plantain, chamomile, violet tricolor, medicinal sage, large celandine and a three-part sequence are mixed in equal amounts. Take 10 g of the collection, pour 0.1 l of boiling water. Thirty minutes later, filtered. Enter 50 ml into the anus in the evenings.

Colitis treatment.

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