Collection for hypotension.

Collection for hypotension.

There are many prescriptions for reducing pressure. Collection for hypotension. But for hypotension, the choice is not great.

To me, for example, stimulants — adaptogens in general — are advised. It’s ginseng and lemongrass, but it’s even grass, but it’s very strong.

They need to drink only in the morning. I somehow drank a tincture of ginseng after dinner, so then I could not sleep at midnight.

Apparently, I have a very sensitive body to stimulants. Someone else advises strong tea or coffee. But in the evening it is also impossible.

So I would have suffered if I had not found the recipe for one collection. I accidentally bought a book on herbal medicine. There the recipes are directly for the diseases indicated. Without adaptogens, only one collection was found, but it’s already good.

Traumas all found without difficulty and quickly prepared the medicine for herself.

The recipe is this.

The root of the ara is 1 part.
Root lovage medicinal — 4 parts.
Veronica herb — 2 parts.
The herb of St. John’s wort — 14 parts.
Grass strawberries — 2 parts.
Berries of juniper — 1 part.
Ruta odorous — 4 parts.
Chicory flowers — 2 parts.
Rose hips — 4 parts.

3 tablespoons mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Leave in a thermos for the night. And in the morning to filter. Drink infusion in a warm form for half an hour before meals, dividing the entire amount
for three sessions.

I drank this collection a week. She began to feel better. And a month later it became very good. My head stopped hurting, and my weakness went away. The pressure measured several times — clearly 110 to 80 holds. This is an excellent result for me.

I advise all hypotensionists to try this recipe. I was convinced that with his help, though not immediately, it is possible to build pressure.

Who will help the tincture of hawthorn?

Hawthorn has a lot of medicinal properties. And the most popular product based on hawthorn is exactly the alcohol tincture.

It is used to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, neuroses, and many other ailments.

• In the fruits of hawthorn there are substances that dilate the vessels, which help to deliver oxygen from the center to the periphery. This reduces blood pressure and does not allow arrhythmias to develop.

• Hawthorn tincture helps to relieve overexertion. Provides soothing stress.

• Rinse throat with a solution of hawthorn tincture (1 tablespoon per a glass of water) will help cure angina and stomatitis.

• Hawthorn tincture has analgesic effect in premenstrual syndrome, as well as during menopause.


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