Compresses for asthma.

Compresses for asthma.

Applying home compresses on the back and chest area (until the condition is relieved) helps prevent choking and restore respiratory function. Advice is used by adults and children.

1. In the treatment of children using aspirin powder prepared from tablets. A dessert spoon of powder is mixed with a little pork fat. The mixture is intended for application to the chest.

2. For the treatment of asthma in a child, a tincture is prepared: forty dried leaves of coltsfoot are poured into 500 ml of homemade vodka and left overnight. Subsequently, the leaves are used for application to the back and chest. Treatment is carried out until the end of the drug.

3. To 150 ml of warm moisture add three grams of crushed stone oil. Mix with 0.1 l of alcohol. Wet gauze in the composition, squeezed and applied to the chest overnight. Repeat up to fifteen times.

4. A handful of green clay is dissolved in two cups of warm water. The fabric is soaked in bulk. Apply to the bronchi for an hour.

Compresses for asthma.

5. With severe coughing and shortness of breath, compresses are made with cheese. It must be homemade and always dry. The cheese is wetted in whey and applied to the breast at night.

6. When an asthma attack begins, they put a compress of mustard and camphor oils (one to one). For preventive purposes, the procedure is carried out twice a day.

7. If there is an attack of severe cough, it is recommended to perform a compress of black mustard. Impose on the back and chest.

8. Highly effective compresses with laurel oil. 100 g of fresh leaves are crushed and combined with fifty milliliters of vegetable oil. Insist ten days.

Fees for asthma.

1. To two large tablespoons of birch leaves hanging, add a mixture of 5 grams of nettle leaves, knotweed grass, pharmacy chamomile, dioecious nettle, marigold and thyme. 30 g of the collection are steamed with 230 ml of boiling water for four hours. Drink three times a day in half a cup. Even chronic bronchial asthma can be cured.
The recipe is not recommended for hypotension.

2. Badger fat, propolis and ginger crushed in equal proportions are mixed. 200 ml of boiling water are steamed. Withstand an hour and filter. Drink a drink before meals, breaking into two doses.

Compresses for asthma.

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