Compresses for bronchitis.

Compresses for bronchitis.

Compresses for bronchitis. Applying compresses based on improvised products and medicinal plants is an effective way to quickly overcome the unpleasant manifestations of the disease. Therapy is repeated until recovery.

1. In a deep bowl, put a tablespoon of crushed grains of mustard, honey and sunflower oil. Add twice as much table vinegar. Placed in a water bath and kept until the mixture reaches a temperature of fifty degrees. Remove the container from the water bath and introduce into the composition two handfuls of wheat flour. Knead the dough.

The cake obtained in the end is used as a compress on the chest or back. First, a moist patch of light tissue or gauze is applied to the skin. On top of the cake put the cling film and shawl. The duration of the procedure is about six hours. The number of sessions is five. Compress helps get rid of a painful cough, remove sputum and normalize breathing. It can be used in the treatment of children and adults.

The compress contains mustard, which can have an irritating effect on the delicate skin of a child and sensitive adult. With the development of burning, the compress should be removed immediately and not repeated.

2. Mix three large spoons of vegetable oil, mustard powder, goat fat, honey and alcohol. Add the same amount of table vinegar and prepare two cakes. One is placed on the back, the other is placed in the region of the lungs. Fix with cling film and elastic bandage, leaving overnight. The recipe for severe cough in children and adults is shown. The number of sessions is five.

3. Prepare a composition of mustard powder, vodka, wheat flour, interior fat, aloe juice, honey taken from a tablespoon. The components are heated in a water bath. A light scarf is placed on the patient’s chest, the ointment obtained is applied on top, and then covered again with a cloth. To fix the compress, use cling film and a warm scarf. Leave for the night. Recommended treatment for a chronic disease.

4. In a glass container connect a glass of honey and the same amount of butter. In a water bath, heat until the butter melts. In the composition, gauze is moistened, applied to the chest or back, over it with a film of food. The warming effect is achieved by warming with a scarf or scarf. Compress is removed only in the morning. After a week, relief comes.

5. To treat children from the age of twelve, use a compress with horseradish. It is crushed on a grater, laid on its back and wrapped with gauze over it. Hold the dressing until a strong burning sensation begins. The procedure is carried out in the evening, so that after it the patient can go to bed and fall asleep.

6. Pour red clay with water, bringing to a creamy state. Put mass on the back of the patient, fixing cellophane and bandage. They hold an hour, after which the body is washed with water. Repeat as necessary for adult disease. The recipe helps in getting rid of a strong cough with chronic bronchitis and relieves wheezing with an allergic one.

Compresses for bronchitis.

7. Connect half a liter of vodka and water. In the composition, a piece of tissue is soaked, which is applied to the patient’s back or chest for the night, fixing with cellophane and an elastic bandage.

8. A tablespoon of turpentine is introduced to a cup of melted pork fat. Mixed. Take a little money and rub it into the chest. A gauze napkin is placed on top and wrapped in a warm scarf. Put on pajamas and go to bed, leaving a compress until the morning. Perform manipulations no longer than a week.

9. Combine 50 g of mustard powder, three cups of water, half a glass of honey and juice from one onion. As a part, a towel is moistened, squeezed and applied to the patient’s chest, covering with cellophane and a handkerchief. After half an hour, the compress is removed.

10. Half a glass of Veronica officinalis juice is combined with 250 ml of vodka. Leave for ten days. In the composition, a piece of gauze is moistened, applied to the patient’s chest or back, leaving it overnight. Fix with cellophane and elastic bandage.

11. Boil the potatoes in their skins. Knead, shift to a plastic bag and lay on the back of the patient. At the same time, prepare a composition of half a glass of vodka and a spoonful of honey. Have a drink. The procedure is carried out at night. Four sessions are enough to recover.

12. If the baby has a fever during the illness, it is recommended to moisten the tissue from the taken one to one vinegar and water in a solution and apply it to the forehead. With the same composition, the legs and back of the baby are rubbed.

13. Boiled potatoes with peel. Drain and knead with a fork. Add 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil and a few drops of iodine. The mass is transferred to the tissue, placed on the chest to the very throat. The patient is wrapped in a blanket. Leave a compress overnight. It can be used in cases of illness in children.

14. Several chicken eggs are fried in pork fat. After cooling, they are placed on the baby’s chest, covered with cling film and fixed with an elastic bandage. Leave overnight to combat a strong cough.

Compresses for bronchitis.

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