Compresses for cataracts.

Compresses for cataracts.

According to traditional healers, applying compresses from medicinal plants and other improvised means to the eyelids is the key to a faster return to a person of full vision with cataracts.

1. A good folk remedy for getting rid of early cataracts is dill seeds. Take several bags of bike fabric 5×5 cm in size. Three dessert spoons of dill seeds are placed in each. Sent in a metal container, kept for several minutes on fire in 400 ml of boiling water. The cooled compresses are applied to the eyes for fifteen minutes. The procedure is repeated a month before bedtime. If desired, dill seeds are replaced with fresh parsley, the effect of which is equivalent.

2. Another effective recipe for treating cataracts at home is as follows: the leaves of burdock, coltsfoot, and initial letters are mixed in the same amount. Separate 4 tbsp. l collection, steamed 500 ml of hot water. Stand under a lid and a towel for two hours. Lotions are performed for three weeks three times a day.

3. In boiling water (300 ml), dry valerian flowers (one and a half tsp) are steamed. After an hour, filter. As a part, gauze swabs are moistened, applied to the eyelids. Repeat several times a day, performing the procedure for three minutes. The course is 60 days.

4. To a half cup of milk add a dessert spoon of honey. Boil and cool. The solution is wetted with gauze napkins. Apply to eyes at night. The course of treatment lasts about two weeks.

5. 50 grams of eyebright is poured with a liter of boiling water. After several hours, filtered. In the resulting solution, cotton pads are wetted. Apply to eyes for ten minutes daily, performing procedures until cataracts are cured.

6. In the evening, pour a large leaf of laurel 220 ml of boiling water. In the morning, the resulting composition is used for compresses. Repeat until relief.

7. A tablespoon of woodlice grass is connected to a cup of freshly boiled water. After half an hour, it is filtered. Dampened cotton swabs are applied to the eyelids for several minutes. Five procedures are repeated per day for three to four weeks. Folk remedies are indicated for the rapid elimination of cataracts without surgical intervention.
8. To treat the disease at home, use carrot cake. The vegetables are scrolled through a meat grinder, the liquid is drunk, and the remaining cake is put on gauze napkins and applied to the eyelids for 10 minutes. The course continues for fifteen days.
9. 44 grams of camphor powder, 15 grams of alum, 100 grams of olive oil are mixed in a glass of purified water. Wet gauze dressings in the composition, applied to the eyes for a couple of hours. Repeat every evening for twenty days.

Compresses for cataracts.

10. Cut fresh potatoes into circles. Apply in the form of compresses to each eye in the evenings for several weeks.
A potato compress is good for relieving inflammation and nothing more.

11. Mix 0.5 cups of boiled water at room temperature and two raw chicken eggs (preferably using homemade chicken eggs). Allow the composition to stand for thirty minutes. Later, cotton pads are moistened in it. Apply to eyes every night for four weeks for 10 minutes.

12. Senile cataract is effectively treated with compresses from Kalanchoe. Take a large sheet, thoroughly washed, dried. Divided into two parts, cuts are made on each so that juice appears. They are applied to the eyelids and fixed with adhesive tape. Withstand an hour. Continue to be treated until improvement occurs.

13. In equal shares mix the seeds of fennel and dill, grass outlook, cornflower petals. The mixture is placed in linen bags, placed in boiling water and incubated for several minutes. Apply bags to the eyelids, cover with a towel on top and hold for 20 minutes. The course of treatment is fifteen days. In total, six courses are repeated with interruptions of three days.

14. A dessert spoon of honey is dissolved in a cup of hot water, and heated for several minutes in a water bath. The composition is dipped with gauze napkins, applied for five minutes to the eyelids. Repeat a couple of times a day for two months.

15. Mix a handful of wormwood, eyebright, plantain and centaury. A couple of Art. l make a cup of boiling water. After 10 minutes, filter. The composition is moistened with gauze dressings, which are then applied to each eye. Stand for 20 minutes, repeating three times in 24 hours for a month.

16. If cataract is observed, juice squeezed from fresh leaves of the celandine is mixed with boiled water in equal proportions. In the resulting composition, cotton pads are moistened. Apply to the eyelids for five minutes daily for a week or two. Five days later, repeat the course.
If celandine juice gets into your eyes, the problem may worsen, because the plant is poisonous. Skin contact may cause an allergic reaction.

Compresses for cataracts.

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