Compresses for hypertension.

Compresses for hypertension.


At home, compresses help relieve severe headaches quickly and significantly reduce pressure. Compresses are held for half an hour.

1. Mix three large spoons of mustard powder and a glass of pink rhodiola infusion. In the resulting composition, a gauze napkin is moistened, which is then applied to the chest (avoid the heart area!).

2. The calves of the legs are wrapped with a towel dipped in cold water. Helps prevent hypertensive crisis. Similarly, they are treated by applying tissue to the forehead and stomach.

3. Take fresh lemon peel, peeled from white fiber. The wet side is applied to the temporal region and held for up to ten minutes.
According to folk healers, the method works by knocking out a «wedge with a wedge.» When holding the crust near the temple, the head begins to hurt. The discomfort is so severe that it displaces the pain associated with hypertension.

4. With nausea, freshly squeezed apple juice is rubbed into the head. The gauze soaked in it can be applied to the forehead. Do the same with radish juice.

Compresses for hypertension.

5. Prepare a 10% solution of sea salt. The napkin soaked in it is applied to the forehead. Removed after drying.

6. Fold several times the usual kitchen towel. Dip it in hot water, squeeze it and wrap it in a woolen shawl. Apply to the back of the head or forehead.

7. With a sharp increase in pressure, a solution is prepared from one to one vinegar essence and water taken. Socks are moistened in it, which are then put on feet. Leave to dry.
If you hold the compress for too long, the pressure drops extremely low.

8. Cold mint leaves are brewed like green tea. In the infusion, a towel is moistened, applied to the legs or forehead with very high pressure. Leave a compress for about thirty minutes.

9. The application of mustard plasters on the occipital region is indicated for people experiencing weather dependence.

Compresses for hypertension

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