Compresses for pharyngitis.

Compresses for pharyngitis.

Traditional healers claim that compresses are an indispensable stage in the treatment of inflammation of the pharynx at home and recommend a closer look at proven recipes.

1. Impregnate gauze with a solution of 40% alcohol. Apply to a sore throat, cover with polyethylene on top. The duration of the session is two hours.

2. Mix 50 ml of unrefined vegetable oil and one tbsp. l ordinary table salt. The composition is heated, applied to the front of the neck. Cover with cloth and polyethylene. Stand for at least an hour.

3. Lubricate the front of the neck with Menovazine. Over cover with a scarf. Wait half an hour. Repeat twice a day.

4. Brew 1 liter of boiling water 40 grams of silverweed. Insist two hours. In warm form, they are used for compresses three times a day. The course of treatment is a week.

5. A few cloves of garlic are crushed, transferred to a cloth bag or wrapped in a scarf. Apply to the neck twice for 20-30 minutes.

Compresses for pharyngitis.
The drinks

The use of medicinal drinks helps to get rid of discomfort in the throat caused by dryness and perspiration, as well as improve the body’s resistance to pathogens.

1. The recipe is good for coughing, which accompanies almost every form of the disease. In 100 ml of hot milk, a few drops of iodine and three tablets of Mukaltin are dissolved. Take a medicinal drink for ten days before bedtime.

2. Another recipe for coughing involves the use of cocoa butter. A small piece of it is dissolved in a glass of warm milk. Drink half a glass four times a day for a week.

3. In a glass of water add a dessert spoon of sage and a handful of thyme. Boil for 15 minutes, then let cool slightly and filter. In the finished folk remedy, add a little honey and a slice of lemon. Drink half a glass twice a day for a week.

4. A decoction of blackberry leaves (1 tbsp. L. Dry or fresh raw materials per 0.2 l of water) is taken throughout the day. Treatment continues until complete cure.

5. Take 15 g of the roots of saxifrage, nettle dioica, herb thyme and the roots of elecampane high. Separate the dessert spoon. Raw materials are added to a cup of boiling water, kept on low heat for five to ten minutes. After standing for 20 minutes and filtered. Take within 1.5 weeks three times a day before meals. Before each meal, a new drink is prepared.

6. To 200 ml of red wine add the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of dark honey. For five minutes, the mixture is heated over low heat. After adding the head of cloves and insist 20 minutes. Take 100 ml twice a day before treatment, always in a warm form.

7. Prepare a mixture of a tablespoon of plantain, a large, similar amount of spring primrose, oregano and Veronica officinalis. Separate the dessert spoon of the collection, pour water in an amount of 250 ml. Insist three hours. Before taking, boil for five minutes over low heat and filter. Take 30 ml four times a day.
The duration of therapy is six days.

Compresses for pharyngitis.

8. For the treatment of any form of pharyngitis, it is recommended to take a rosehip decoction (possible for children). 1 tbsp. l chopped dried fruit is ground in a mortar and pour 0.5 liters of boiling water. Cover and let stand overnight. Drink a glass a day for several weeks.
Excessive consumption of rosehip tea is a big burden on the kidneys. Using a prescription for children without consulting a pediatrician is unacceptable!

9. Take 10 g of peppermint leaves and rosehip petals, add 5 g of yarrow. Pour cold water in an amount of 250 ml and simmer for 10 minutes. Let cool, filter. Drink before going to bed for a week, after adding a little buckwheat honey.

10. 5 g of lemon balm are mixed with 2 g of plantain leaves and 3 g of a string. Pour cold water. After half an hour, place a container of herbs on the fire and bring to a boil. Again defend the hour. Drink 20 ml in hot form before bedtime. The course is at least eight days.

11. Take 5 g of string and mint, 10 g of lemongrass. Pour cold water in an amount of 0.5 l, boil for five minutes. Insist for three hours. Filter and heat before taking. Drink during the week 50 ml twice a day before meals.

12. To prepare a medicinal drink, 10 grams of mallow leaves are added to several grams of the stem rose petals. Pour 500 ml of milk. Boil over low heat for five to seven minutes. After filtering, 10 ml of dark honey is added to the slightly cooled broth. Drink until the discomfort disappears three times a day in a cup.

13. For medicinal purposes, 5 g of frankincense root, 10 g of rose hips, 10 g of peppermint and 7 g of motherwort are mixed. Four dessert spoons of collection are steamed with a glass of boiling water. It is kept on low heat for about 30 minutes. Filtered. Take with honey three times a day until the discomfort in the throat disappears.

Compresses for pharyngitis.

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