Compresses from an ulcer.

Compresses from an ulcer.

Traditional medicine classifies compresses with healing components as one of the fastest methods for treating ulcers. Therapy should continue until the clinical picture disappears, that is, until the result is achieved.

1. After exacerbation of the disease of the stomach, compresses with sand can be applied. First, a herbal decoction is prepared: for a couple of tablespoons of elecampane grass, licorice root, coltsfoot leaves, lunar salmon, four for calendula, chamomile, and marsh cinnamon. The mixture is placed in a liter of water and boiled for five minutes.

Allow to stand until cooling. Raw materials are squeezed and mixed with heated sand. Pour the mass onto cheesecloth folded in four layers and lay on the epigastric region. Fix on top with cellophane and a towel. Hold the compress for about half an hour. The course consists of fifteen sessions that are held every other day.

Warming compresses are allowed to be used only after consulting a doctor!

2. White clay is diluted with warm water to the consistency of thick sour cream. Spread on the tissue and determined in the stomach. Over cover with a warm towel. Hold until the clay dries.

If you are experiencing severe pain, you can perform up to four sessions per day. The same compress is recommended for the treatment of the cornea. There is another recipe: blue clay is bred to thick sour cream. The mass is transferred to a gauze cut.

The compress is left on the skin in the affected area for 1.5 hours. Do the procedure several times.

3. Small fresh potatoes are chopped on a fine grater. Add a spoonful of olive oil. Apply to get rid of the disease on the lip, holding compresses twice for half an hour.

4. Take a little turmeric powder and mix purified glycerin. The mass should be the consistency of sour cream. For compresses on the lip is used three times a day.

5. You can treat wounds on the lip or cornea with a cold tea bag. He is allowed to cool after use and imposed on the site of the lesion. The duration of the session is up to fifteen minutes.

6. Prepare a medicinal mass for the fight against trophic pathology: 100 grams of grated laundry soap, water, millet groats, yellow lard and chives. Mix until smooth. Impose on the affected area three times, holding at least 25 minutes.

7. A gauze dressing soaked in Novocain and Chlorophyllipt is applied twice an hour to the feet of the affected area for two hours.

8. Drip 3% hydrogen peroxide onto a wound located on the leg. Sprinkle with “Streptocide” on top. Wrap the area with a wet towel and handkerchief. Compresses are changed a couple of times a day.

Compresses from an ulcer.

9. In the enameled container with a spoon of unrefined vegetable oil, boiled for 20 minutes, enter the same amount of fish oil. Boil again for 20 minutes and add a powder of 25 Streptocide tablets.

It is kept on fire for half an hour, after which it is allowed to cool and placed in the refrigerator. Apply by applying the product to a piece of tissue and applying it to trophic wounds several times a day.

10. Prepare a mass of chicken yolk and iodine solution (one to one). A gauze dressing soaked in the product is applied to the lesion site (on the legs). Change the compress twice, allowing you to stay on the skin for 6 hours.

11. For the effective treatment of trophic pathology use a piece of fresh meat. It is applied to the desired area of ​​the skin, leaving for two days. After removal, the wound is washed with soap. It is also advisable to sprinkle with Streptocide.
Thus, an infection can be introduced into the wound.

12. In the juice obtained during the spinning of the stems of a golden mustache, a piece of linen cloth is moistened. Used twice (one hour) as a compress to get rid of trophic ulcers or corneal diseases.

13. A little beeswax is introduced into the enameled dishes with a glass of refined vegetable oil. Stew on fire until the latter melts. After injected one cooked yolk of a chicken egg.

Insist half an hour and filter. A piece of tissue is wetted in the liquid. The compress is designed to get rid of wounds on the legs. Repeat the procedure no more than three times a day, leaving a compress for a couple of hours.

14. Dried leaves of tatarnar are ground into flour. Store in a dry place, pouring into a clean glass container. Every evening, the site of a trophic ulcer is treated with rivanol, after which it is showered with tartar powder and bandaged with a sterile bandage. In the morning, remove the bandage. This is done until the disappearance of the disease.

15. A little homemade cottage cheese is placed in a gauze bag. Impose on sites of trophic ulcer formation. Remove the compress after 1 hour, repeat up to four procedures per day.

16. Take a fresh cabbage leaf. Lightly beat off with a hammer. A little sea buckthorn oil is poured onto the chipped side.

Apply to the skin at the sites of formation of inflamed wounds, leaving until morning.
Compress can help relieve inflammation, nothing more.

Compresses from an ulcer.

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