Compresses from melanoma

Compresses from melanoma

Applying compresses with medicinal plants and other improvised means is considered a necessary part of the treatment of melanoma with alternative methods. Conduct therapy, as a rule, until the disappearance of unpleasant symptoms.

1. Away from the lane collect plantain. At home, they are thoroughly washed and dried a little. Put in a mortar and crush until a juicy slurry is obtained. It is used to apply to the affected area. The recipe helps in eliminating itching and peeling, brings healing closer.

2. A yarrow is pounded in a mortar until a juicy mass is obtained. They are mixed with plantain gruel in the same amount and applied to a pathological place.

3. Take leaves and stems of a golden mustache. Washed and pounded in a mortar. Speaking juice is separated from the cake. It is applied to the affected area to relieve itching.

4. Three parts of crushed poplar buds and frankincense powder, two of pomegranate peels, hot red pepper powder, ground crushed madder root are mixed in a glass container. Pour with alcohol 70% and incubated for two weeks. In a strained composition, cotton pads are moistened, which are then applied to the skin lesion site.
Since burning red pepper is stated in the recipe, a compress can cause a burning sensation.

5. In the early stages of the disease, colchic butter is used. It is prepared as follows: ten grams of the seeds of a plant are added to 200 milliliters of corn oil and kept in a place protected from the sun for at least twenty days. The composition is shaken periodically. After filtration, gauze is moistened and applied to melanoma.

6. Fresh juniper berries are crushed in a mortar until a small amount of juice comes out. The mixture is transferred to a piece of gauze. Compress is performed several times a day.

Compresses from melanoma

7. Yeast is bred in a cup of warm liquid. The mass should be quite thick. It is transferred to cheesecloth, which is then used for application to a sore skin. The procedure is recommended to be performed at least three times in twenty-four hours.

8. A little fresh cottage cheese is wrapped in gauze. The curd compress is applied twice a day.

9. Two large spoons of the marshmallow root are boiled for fifteen minutes in a cup of water. After cooling, filter. Add some celandine juice. The composition is moistened with a cotton pad and applied to the affected area for two hours. Compresses are repeated twice a day.

10. In half a liter of water for three days withstand five grams of stone oil. A filtered folk remedy is used for compresses twice a day, while taking it inside: three grams of oil per liter of water, drink a glass a day.

11. Five parts of celandine grass are mixed, three of each — clover of meadow, medicinal sweet clover and laxative joster, two each of pharmacy chamomile, seeds of sowing carrots and ivy buds. Select several tablespoons of the collection, pour six cups of boiling water for 20 minutes. After filtration, the cotton pads are wetted. Impose on melanoma three times a day.

12. On a grater rub carrots, previously peeled. The mass is sent to the fire and wait until half the volume of liquid has evaporated. The remaining volume is placed on a gauze dressing and applied to the tumor. Treatment is recommended to be carried out twice at twenty-four hours. To enhance the effectiveness of the compress, a little hemlock juice can be added to carrots.

Compresses from melanoma

13. On a fine grater grind eggplant. To the mass add a tablespoon of vinegar. Placed on a gauze napkin and applied to the melanoma for ten minutes, repeating every twenty-four hours.

14. Squeeze the juice from the grass of the woodlice. Add 20% of the volume of medical alcohol. Wet cotton pads in the composition and apply to the affected area. An alcohol-free compress can be used. In this case, five large tablespoons of wood lice are mixed with 500 ml of hot moisture and allowed to cool. Dressings soaked in the composition are applied to the affected skin until dry.

15. In boiling water, soak birch bark. Apply to the affected area of ​​the skin in the form of a compress, repeating twice a day.

16. At the first and second stage of melanoma, compresses are made from tincture of birch buds. For 500 ml of vodka take one hundred grams of raw materials. Stand for ten days, then filter and proceed to treatment. Compresses are repeated several times a day.

17. Prescription for treating the eye. Two large spoons of euphrasia are boiled in 300 ml of water for five minutes. After filtration, five milliliters of cucumber juice and a similar amount of fresh honey are introduced. The composition is wetted with hot wipes. Applied to the eyelids for two minutes. Repeat the procedure twice at twenty-four hours.
Eyebright constricts blood vessels. Its use for the preparation of drops should occur under the supervision of a doctor.

18. For twenty minutes in a glass of boiling water insist on dope grass. After that, cotton pads are moistened in the infusion and applied to the closed eye affected by the disease for 10 minutes. Compresses are put three times a day.

Compresses from melanoma

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