Cottage cheese cures the body.

Cottage cheese cures the body.

Among all dairy products, cottage cheese has a special place. Cottage cheese cures the body. It has been known for a long time. The content of useful substances is completely unique. Cottage cheese surpasses all dairy products in terms of protein content and the degree of digestion.

It is because of easy assimilation that a rich product, like cottage cheese, is recommended for children, the elderly. Also, patients recovering from illness.

Cottage cheese cures the body.

Cottage cheese is one of the few products recommended for chronic diseases of the digestive system. It does not increase acidity and does not irritate the surface of the stomach.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers will not find a better source of calcium and other micronutrients than cottage cheese. The child is recommended to give cottage cheese from 5-7 months. For baby food, low-fat cottage cheese is ideally suited for milk that has not been heated for a long time.

Cottage cheese is necessary for growth and restoration of all tissues of the body, especially bone tissue. It is useful for the work of the nervous system, cardiac activity and blood formation.

Freshness is required!

It should not be forgotten that, despite useful qualities, cottage cheese may even be

is dangerous. First of all, cottage cheese can cause an allergic reaction or poisoning. If it is not the first freshness.

After all, proteins and fats in the composition of cottage cheese — a favorable breeding ground for the development of both beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms. Therefore, it is not recommended to store fresh cottage cheese for longer than 2-3 days. After this time, the cottage cheese is suitable only for the preparation of cheese cakes or casseroles.

In addition, in addition to easily digestible proteins, cottage cheese, like all dairy products, contains casein. Its excess can affect the health of the liver or blood vessels.

For better assimilation of fresh cottage cheese, it should be avoided by combining it with fats and carbohydrates in equal proportions. Small amounts of sugar and sour cream to improve taste will slightly affect the digestibility of cottage cheese. But the ideal is the combination of cottage cheese with sweet fruits and berries.

Sometimes it turns out necessary to reduce the acidity of the cottage cheese purchased in the store. 1 kg of sour curd is combined with a mixture consisting of 0.5 liters of whole milk and the same volume of cold boiled water.

All this must be well beaten with a broom in an enamel saucepan. For 20-25 minutes on low heat bring to a boil with the lid closed. Then the curd mass should be thrown over the gauze in a colander. Press in a linen bag.

Before boiling the curd-milk mixture, you can add to it 1 tbsp. spoon 3% solution of table vinegar.

To improve the metabolism and purification of the body.

It is recommended that you periodically arrange cheese fasting days. For 100-150 g of cottage cheese with sour cream 3-4 times a day. More than 150 grams of cottage cheese at one time is inexpedient. Because our body is able to absorb not more than 35 g of pure protein, which is 150 grams of cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese diet, maybe, is not as effective for fighting overweight as complete starvation. But for our body, especially the stomach and intestines, such days are like rest after a long work.

Cottage cheese at home.

Cottage cheese can be cooked independently, at home. For pasteurization, place a pot of milk in a water bath. Heat the milk to 80 ° C. Soak at this temperature for 10-15 minutes. Quickly cool.

Boiled milk for cooking cottage cheese, too, must be quickly cooled to 32-33 °. In the cooled milk should be introduced into the starter (sour milk or sour cream). In an amount of about 5% of the milk volume.

Leave the milk with leaven for a day in a warm place. Then check the curdiness of the curd. Make a rift in it and look at the inner surfaces. Smooth, smooth and shiny granules indicate a high quality of cottage cheese.

To remove the serum, place the resulting clot in a pot of water. Slowly heat to 35-40 ° C, gently stirring. Ready cottage cheese on a sieve or colander. Allow the serum to drain. Press cottage cheese mass under the yoke. Refrigerate in the refrigerator.

Cottage cheese medicine.

• When the lungs are inflamed to the breast, apply a compress in a layer of 1-1.5 cm from soft curds overnight. Lightly moisturize the curd with warm serum. In the morning, the cottage cheese is removed. During the day, they give tea to the sick from violets.
In the evening a fresh compress is prepared from fresh cottage cheese and whey.

• In the case of osteoporosis (softening of the bone tissue), curds are prepared according to a special recipe to replenish calcium stores. To 1 liter of milk warmed to 40 ° C with constant stirring add 3 tbsp. spoon 10% calcium chloride. After that, the milk is curdled. The resulting cottage cheese contains calcium required for bones.

• Cottage cheese also helps with mastitis. It should be slightly heated in a water bath. Then evenly spread on a thin towel. Towel with curd side to chest. Then cover with compress paper, a terry towel, a woolen scarf or a handkerchief.

Get into bed (procedure — before going to bed). In the morning, remove the compress. Wash skin with warm water. The procedures should be performed regularly until inflammation is removed. For greater efficiency, before applying the compress, the breast is smeared with honey.

Cottage cheese medicine.

• With diabetes, a healthy diet is curd with mulberry leaves. Collect the greens and dry them. Rub into powder, sprinkle them with cottage cheese. Dose of mulberry powder for a portion of cottage cheese — no more than 1 tsp.

• You can use stale cottage cheese to treat sore throats. It is sprinkled with a little cold water. Evenly stacked between two layers of natural fabric (cotton, linen). Wrap around the neck. Then compress the clasp with a woolen scarf or handkerchief.

They put the patient in bed, giving him the opportunity to get warm well. The compress is held until the cottage cheese dries. Then it is removed. The neck is washed with warm water, a new compress is prepared and the procedure is repeated.

• From calluses helps, if at night to a painful place to attach 1-2 tbsp. spoons of freshly prepared cottage cheese. Wrap the parchment paper. Secure with a bandage. The procedures should be repeated until the outer layer of the coarse skin exfoliates with the corn.

• To increase lactation in lactating mothers, 180-220 g of fresh cottage cheese are placed in enamel ware. Pour 1 liter of water and boil on low heat for half an hour. After cooling, decoction is filtered. Drink 4-5 times during the day.


Cottage cheese cures the body.

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