Cucumber diet.

low carb diet

Cucumber diet.

Cucumber diet will allow you to easily lose weight in the warm season. In the summer time, a rich harvest of a variety of vegetables and fruits ripens, the medicinal properties of which can be effectively used to reduce weight and overall health of the body. Cucumber diet.
In combination with active rest, dietary nutrition during this period gives a good result.

One of the most useful vegetables that grow during this period is the cucumber. It contains a huge amount of various vitamins and a large amount of vegetable fiber.

98% of the cucumber consists of water, so its use in hot weather will help to ease thirst.

Cucumber diet is based on the ability of plant fiber to clean not only the intestines, but the entire body. As a result, digestion is stimulated, the water-salt balance is normalized, the skin is cleansed, and the excretory system is stimulated. Thanks to the diuretic action of this vegetable, it is gradually possible to reduce swelling. Cucumber diet allows you to remove toxic substances and toxins along with urine.

Cucumber diet is observed for no more than 7 days.
Cucumber diet is based on the use of cucumber salad, which should be consumed 3 times a day.

Cucumber diet offers a salad of the next cooking.

low carb diet

You need to take 1 kilogram of fresh cucumbers and divide into three parts.
Before each meal, you need to cut the next portion of cucumbers, put any greens to taste (you can add parsley, coriander, basil, dill, celery) and fill it with two tablespoons of low-fat sour cream.

Cucumber diet allows you to add a little salt if necessary, but you should remember that the effect in this case will be less.

Cucumber diet for breakfast offers to drink a small cup of coffee with sugar, eat a boiled egg or a small piece of boiled beef. Then for a second breakfast, lunch and dinner, a cucumber diet recommends eating only a freshly prepared salad.
Before going to bed, if there is a strong hunger, a cucumber diet allows you to eat two oranges or one large unsweetened apple.

Cucumber diet allows for 7 days of compliance to reduce weight by more than 5 kg. It should be remembered that this cucumber diet does not provide a balanced diet, so it can be used for a very limited time, not more than 7 days.


Cucumber diet.

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