Curd diet for weight loss.

Curd diet for weight loss.

Curd diet for weight loss of 10 kg with a weekly menu and recipes.
Natural cottage cheese, which is prepared from milk, is a natural sour-milk source of protein and many useful substances for the proper functioning of the human body. With this beloved product, you can significantly improve your health and lose weight. It is affordable and well absorbed. To make it easier for you to achieve your goals, this article discusses the curd diet for weight loss by 10 kg in different variations, as well as provides useful tips. At the end of the text, the simplest recipes are given.

The benefits and harms of cottage cheese when losing weight.

Cottage cheese supplies calcium, protein, magnesium, phosphorus, iron to the body, accelerates metabolism, and promotes fat burning in a low-calorie diet. Using the product for breakfast helps not overeat at lunch, it is useful for hypertension and diabetes. Cottage cheese is harmful for people whose body does not tolerate lactose, they may have allergic edema and diarrhea.

Which cottage cheese is better to choose?

From a dietary point of view, low-calorie cottage cheese is ideal. It must be completely natural, without additives. It is permissible to use a cereal product. Low-fat cottage cheese is not the best option for diets, since a critical reduction in fat content is undesirable. Cottage cheese with a fat content of 1-5% is optimal for weight loss. It is useful and well absorbed.

How much can you eat cottage cheese per day?

To determine the portion of cottage cheese per day, it is better to build on the rate of fat per day, over which you should not consume. Fat is consumed in the amount of 25-50 g per day. If you chose cottage cheese with a fat content of 5%, then its optimal daily portion will be 200 g. This food can act as an independent dish. Its calorie content will be within 230 kcal per 100 g. The dish will only be better if you add a few berries, herbs, vegetables.

The results of the curd diet.

It should be noted that different people have different weight loss results. There are also completely different reviews about the well-being during the diet and whether the lost weight returns. Much depends on the lifestyle and way of eating a particular person. In the best case, it will take 1-7 kg of weight and up to 10 cm of volume from the waist. Most often lose weight by 3-4 kg. In rare cases, the weight is reduced by 10 kg, if you really try. The greater the initial weight, the more significant the weight loss.

Diet rule.

Remember that the calorie content of the diet, and therefore the portion size, for each person must be calculated strictly individually. It depends on the lifestyle, age, build, goals, nature of training. Be sure to keep the balance of the BJU, do not overeat, eat at the same time, do not starve for debt, drink enough water and make your menu varied and boring.

Types of diet.

Depending on the products used, varieties of diet on cottage cheese are distinguished.

Curd-kefir diet.

To lose weight, for a day we take 1.5 liters of kefir and about 300 g of cottage cheese, as well as other dietary food and drinks. The fat content of kefir is 1%, it is dietary. We divide the entire daily volume into several almost equal portions, ideally these are 5-6 receptions. Kefir diet lasts a maximum of 7 days. It will take 5-8 kg. Due to increased protein intake, the diet does not cause drowsiness or weakness.

Weekly meal plan:

1 day — orange juice, granola, milk, cottage cheese casserole, ham, potato, watercress, crab meat, bran bread, butter and kefir;

2 day — grapefruit juice, milk, corn flakes, potatoes, cod, kefir, cottage cheese, cucumbers, egg, parsley, bread, cheese, vegetable soup, kefir;

3 day — bread from coarse flour, jam, butter, cottage cheese casserole, kohlrabi, egg, cheese, peas, kefir, bran bread, butter, crab meat;

Day 4 — boiled meat, kefir, bran bread, cucumber, cheese, curd, onion, pepper, bread, salad, cottage cheese and casserole;

5 day — turkey, bread, butter, grapefruit juice, granola, cottage cheese, strawberries, greens, cucumbers;

6 day — granola, milk, orange juice, cottage cheese casserole, kefir, egg, compote, butter, raspberries, hake, vegetables;

7 day — bran bread, honey, butter, kefir, cottage cheese, sugar, radish, zucchini soup, cucumbers.

Curd and apple diet.

The dominant pair of products for the next diet is cottage cheese and apples.
Here are the foods and meals for 7 days:

1 day — green tea, nuts, apple with lemon, baked apples, green onions, coffee, parsley, egg, kefir;

2 day — baked apples, low-fat cottage cheese, rice porridge and boiled rice, green tea;

3 day — coffee, green tea, apples, cottage cheese, honey, nuts, fat-free cottage cheese;

4 day — apple, carrot, tea from herbs, green tea, grained cottage cheese, baked apples;

5 day — beets, green apples, baked apples, coffee and tea, egg, carrots;

6 day — nuts, green tea, fresh and baked apples, egg, coffee, parsley, green onions;

Day 7 — baked and fresh apples, green tea, rice porridge and boiled rice, low-fat cottage cheese.

Curd and vegetable diet.

To cleanse and lose weight for a day, we take about 500 g of fresh vegetables, up to 300 g of cottage cheese, the rest of the products should be light and low-calorie. In the morning, emphasis is placed on cottage cheese, in the afternoon and in the evening — on vegetable dishes. You can also use curd dishes or pure curd for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and choose vegetables for lunch and afternoon snack. Potatoes are not welcome, since it can not be called a dietary product.

Here is an example of a daily menu for a three-day diet, distribute as you like:

low-fat cottage cheese (the product is not ideal for nutrition and they should not get carried away, go on a diet for a short time) — 200 g;

herbal tea or juice — 1.5 l; fresh vegetables — up to 1 kg; boiled and baked meat; honey and butter.

It is good that the cottage cheese is combined with vegetables, this can be successfully used on a diet. Cook vegetable dishes, but do not add salt and do not get carried away with spices. In the menu, include vegetables seasoned with herbs and lemon juice, this will completely replace the spices. In addition to the products offered, there are other options.

On a vegetable diet:
You can have breakfast with toast with butter, drink green tea, eat your favorite fruits, with the exception of grapes and banana;
for dinner, beans with chicken, vegetable soups, broths and diet bread are suitable;
for an afternoon snack, drink tea with honey;
in the evening for dinner, eat eggs, vegetable salad, diet bread, cottage cheese.

Curd-oat diet.

Many people rightly call the curd-oat diet a variation of a healthy diet. For weight loss, it is enough to continue the diet for up to 1 week.

Here is the daily meal option:

morning breakfast — light oatmeal on the water, not more than 2 apples;
for lunch — 3 apples, natural cottage cheese, oatmeal with honey, lean meat;
dinner — apples and cottage cheese.

It is good if you use cottage cheese cooked or bought from a good producer on an oat-curd diet. To diversify the menu, add fruit. Oatmeal is ideal for breakfast, sometimes it can be eaten in the afternoon for lunch, but in the early days of losing weight it is advisable to eat porridge only in the morning. As a rule, such a diet is successfully tolerated, helps to heal and cleanse.

For a diet lunch, you can cook a variety of cottage cheese dishes. To diversify breakfast, they use citrus juice, milk and granola. And in the morning, tomatoes, cucumbers, meat, bran bread with jam and butter are appropriate. For dinner, you can use vegetable soup, bran bread with cheese, crab meat.

At lunch, it is not critical to consume apples, oranges, grapefruits so that there is no feeling of hunger. In order to successfully get out of the curd diet, it is recommended to smoothly switch to other nutrition, including fruits, vegetables, buckwheat, oatmeal in the diet.

Cottage cheese and buckwheat diet.

Fortunately, buckwheat is perfectly compatible with fermented milk drinks, cottage cheese, and fresh fruits. A light diet can last several days, the average option is 1 week.

Here is the daily ration:

in the morning — cottage cheese, buckwheat;
at lunch — kefir, a portion of cottage cheese;
for lunch — kefir, fruits, porridge;
at midday — fruits, sour-milk drinks;
for dinner — porridge, cottage cheese.

A diet dominated by cottage cheese with buckwheat is called protein, it is designed for a maximum of 3-7 days. Necessarily fractional nutrition. The menu can be changed at your discretion, for example, eat steamed buckwheat and green tea for breakfast and in the evening, and eat cottage cheese in other meals.


Curd diet for weight loss.

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