Cure eczema.

Natural remedies for eczema.

Cure eczema.

In my home piggy traditional therapies were a lot of recipes to get rid of eczema. With some of them I want to introduce you: Cure eczema.

• Good to drink a decoction of burdock root. Take 15 g of root in 200 g of boiling water. Boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Wrap up warmly for 2 hours, take a tablespoon 4 times a day before meals.

Cure eczema.

• Boil 6 eggs (boil 12 minutes). Carefully pull out of their yolks. Push the yolks on needle on a long wire. Keep the yolk until it flows white liquid from it. Will drop small drops. Collect drops into a clean jar. Smear this clear solution sore spots.

• paste of pounded strawberries make compresses on the affected area.

• Fresh blueberries pounded in the form used in compresses and lotions for the treatment of weeping eczema, burns and other skin diseases.

Cure eczema.

• Fresh cabbage leaf tied to the wound site. Hold for 2-3 days until they feel better. Then remove the sheet. Do this several times.

• From the root harvested in May wheatgrass make broth — 20 g of root per cup of boiling water. Take a glass of broth for a day, 3 times before meals. Outwardly decoction can simultaneously make lotions.

• Eczema cured quickly if a strong infusion of yarrow soar sore spots and take the infusion of the same plant inside a tablespoon three times a day.

• If bedsores, sluggishly flowing granulations used externally infusion of birch buds, as well as hot baths in the treatment of acute and chronic eczema.

Cure eczema.

• Dilute to the gentle blue of bluestone. Wipe clean and rinse them sore spots as dry — lubricated with fish oil or Vaseline. Make 3-4.

• Ash from aspen wood mixed with Vaseline in half (or 1: 4) ointment. Spread the affected places.

• A tablespoon of dried marigold petals crushed into powder and mixed with 25 g of petroleum jelly. The ointment applied to the affected areas once daily.

• A tablespoon of peppermint leaves insist hour in 0.5 liters of boiling water. Ingest hot half a cup 4 times a day. You can use the infusion for compresses, washing.


Cure eczema.

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