Dark spots.

Dark spots.

Sintomycin pigment spot ointment.

Modern pharmacies offer an extensive range of a variety of drugs. And even among inexpensive means there are many useful and effective. One of them is synthomycin pigment spot ointment. In general, the spectrum of its action is not limited to lightening of the skin. With this affordable tool you can solve a whole range of skin problems.

The main properties of syntomycin ointment.

The active components of syntomycin ointment.

Syntomycin ointment includes two main active ingredients. The first of these is the substance chloramphenicol. It helps to reduce inflammation, destroys pathogens and prevents the spread of bacteria.
The second active ingredient is auxiliary and has a natural origin — this is castor oil. It supplies tissues with vitamins and minerals, softens the skin and gives a light lightening effect.

The scope of application of syntomycin ointment.

This ointment has a fairly wide range of applications in terms of dealing with all sorts of bacteria. So, it is used for pustular skin lesions, ulcers and burns. With its help you can quickly cope with acne, acne, boils and other rashes of this kind. As for the brightening ability of the ointment, it is only additional. This property is due to the presence of castor oil in the composition.

The use of synthomycin ointment against age spots.

Features of skin treatment with synthomycin ointment.

Skin lightening is rather a side effect of syntomycin ointment. Therefore, it should be used for this purpose, taking into account a number of features.

Complex effect of ointment.

First of all, it should be noted that this drug is a medicine, so it should not be used as a cosmetic tool for smoothing skin tone. It is best to remove pigment spots after acne with synthomycin ointment. In this case, it can be used as a complex preparation for problem skin. So, if you have severe pigmentation and acne, then ointment will help to eliminate both of these problems.

Dot application of ointment.

Apply it only to point. Wash with soap and water, removing all dirt and makeup residues, and then apply ointment to each pimple and pigment spot. Do not apply it on open wounds and damaged acne!

Terms of use ointment.

The composition of synthomycin ointment is relatively safe. No cases of overdose were found. Therefore, this drug is sold without a prescription and can be used without a doctor’s prescription. If you decide to try out synthomycin ointment as a remedy for pigment spots, then follow simple rules.

To eliminate pigmentation, apply the remedy on clean, dry skin with a thick layer and leave for 1 — 3 hours. Repeat the procedure daily. If after a week there will be no visible effect, then change the tool. To avoid mistakes and deal with the problem as quickly as possible, contact your beautician for help.

If you have noticed that synthomycin pigment spot ointment has positive effects, then apply it regularly until full recovery occurs, but not longer than three weeks. This is necessary to prevent addiction, due to which the drug loses its effectiveness.

Advantages and disadvantages of syntomycin ointment.

Sintomitsinovaya ointment copes well with age spots after acne, but it has some drawbacks. To make a complete picture of this tool, you should consider it on both sides.

The advantages of the ointment include:

low price;
complex effects;
quick results; ease of use.

As for the shortcomings, they are as follows:

possible unpleasant side effects — itching, redness, burning, allergic reactions;
ointment helps to deal with spots after acne, but other types of pigmentation may be resistant to it;
habituation gradually occurs, and efficiency decreases.

Thus, we can conclude. If you already have synthomycin ointment in your medicine chest, you can use it to remove post-acne pigmentation. However, in the absence of improvements during the week should change the tool. If you have severe itching, redness or allergies, immediately stop treatment and consult a doctor.

Contraindications syntomycin ointment.

Take into account the fact that syntomycin ointment has contraindications. So, it can not be used in the presence of liver and kidney diseases. Do not apply it on the area of ​​open wounds and damaged acne. During pregnancy and breastfeeding to apply the ointment can only be prescribed by a doctor.

Every woman dreams of a beautiful, smooth and clear skin. To achieve this, you can resort to using various popular recipes, professional cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. Syntomycin ointment will help you in the fight against acne, it will also be useful for post-acne pigmentation. Applying it, follow the rules described above. This will quickly achieve a positive result.

Dark spots.

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