Decoctions from an ulcer.

Decoctions from an ulcer.

Home-brewed decoctions are useful for improving overall health, which speeds up the healing of ulcers.

Mono decoctions

1. Two hundred and fifty grams of chopped pumpkin is added to a liter of milk. It is kept on low heat until the vegetable is fully cooked. After sent for 20 minutes to a dark place, and then knead the pumpkin directly in milk. Use a decoction with gruel in half a cup in the morning, at lunch and in the evening.

2. To a half liter of water pour a handful of chopped potatoes. Cook until the vegetable is fully cooked. A third of a cup of broth is cast and drunk. So repeat in the morning and in the evening with a stomach ulcer. The healing effect is enhanced by the addition of natural goat milk.

3. Ten grams of young birch buds are injected into a glass of liquid. Cook for twelve minutes. Drink a glass three times a day to accelerate scarring of wounds.
With renal failure, reception is not possible.

4. Half a cup of dried oats is passed through a coffee grinder. Pour boiling water over a liter and bring to a boil. Drink warm in a cup up to four times a day. Helps to launch recovery processes on the mucous membrane of the digestive system.

Decoctions from an ulcer.

5. For quick treatment of trophic problems on the legs, it is useful to use a rosehip decoction. A pinch of crushed dried fruit is boiled in 250 ml of water for half an hour. They drink during meals several sips, after sweetening the broth with honey. The same decoction is used for tampons that are inserted into the vagina at night in the presence of ulcers on the cervix.

6. A tablespoon of yarrow greens are boiled for ten minutes in 200 ml of water. Take half a mug in the morning on an empty stomach.

7. A handful of saffron stigmas are boiled for 25 minutes in 350 ml of water. Use if treatment requires the mucous membrane of the esophagus, a glass twice a day.
Do not use a decoction for diabetes and hypertension.

8. For the treatment of PDC disease, a preparation of a hemophilus is prepared. For 300 ml of water, you need to take 22 g of chopped roots. Thirty minutes boil. They use a third of a cup in the morning, afternoon and evening.

9. Take 110 g of juniper fruit (dried), combine with three bowls of water. Cook for one hour, covering the container with a lid. After decantation, 200 g of granulated sugar is added. Prepare syrup before boiling the broth. Consume 1 tsp. three times.

10. A couple of Art. l chopped flowers and leaves of iron ore are boiled for 17 minutes in a liter of water. Insist 11 hours. Take a cup in the morning, afternoon and evening to suppress the clinical picture of peptic ulcer of internal organs.
Broth is not recommended for people with a tendency to atonic constipation.

Decoctions from an ulcer.

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