Decoctions from cataracts.

Decoctions from cataracts.

Phyto decoctions are recommended to normalize well-being and effectively combat the manifestations of the disease. Indicated for internal use.

1. Thirty grams of horsetail is mixed with ten grams of fresh nettle, dioecious and fifteen grams of knotweed grass. Ten grams of collection are separated, 230 ml of boiling water is poured. On low heat stand for about ten minutes. Cool and filter. Use for two to three weeks at 100 ml per dose. Repeat twice a day before meals.

2. For 500 ml of water take a dessert spoon of dried sage. Bring to a boil, cook for five minutes. After 20 minutes, filter. Consume 115 milliliters three times a day for half an hour before meals. The course of treatment is twenty days.

3. A tablespoon of chopped marin root is poured with 500 ml of hot water. For several hours, close the lid, and then open and simmer for at least five minutes. Cool to room temperature. If there is age-related cataract, use two months of 1 tbsp. l thrice 24 hours before meals.

The plant belongs to the category of poisonous, therefore, can not be used regularly. Its use is prohibited for hypotension and gastritis with high acidity.

4. To 400 ml of boiling water add 1 tbsp. l shredded rose hips. Cook for ten minutes over low heat. Leave for two hours and filter. Drink half a cup four times a day for three weeks.

Decoctions from cataracts.

5. A large spoonful of peony leaves is poured with two glasses of water. Cook for three hours. The cooled broth is filtered. Drink four large spoons four times a day for a month.

6. A teaspoon of chopped goldenrod grass is poured with a glass of water. They simmer over low heat for twenty minutes. Allow to stand and strain. Drink thirty minutes before meals, repeating four times in 24 hours. Dose is a quarter cup.

The plant is poisonous, therefore, its regular use as a medicine for cataracts and excess doses is unacceptable.

7. The treatment of cataracts at an early stage is recommended to be performed with this infusion: 1 tbsp. Is poured into enameled dishes. l carrot seeds, pour two glasses of water and cook for ten minutes over medium heat. Filter. Use according to ¼ Art. four times a day. Store in the refrigerator. Continue the course for up to a month.

Decoctions from cataracts.

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