Decoctions from mastopathy.

Decoctions from mastopathy.

Homemade decoctions based on herbal ingredients help to quickly cope with the signs of the disease and speed up the healing process. Treatment should continue until a result is achieved.

Mono decoctions

1. If a cystic form of pathology is detected, the roots of burdock are brewed. Ten parts of water are taken for one part of the raw material. Boil for several minutes over low heat after boiling. The daily dose of the decoction is 200 ml.

2. Two tablespoons of horse chestnut flowers in a glass of boiling water are boiled for about ten minutes. Allow to cool and filter. Take four times a day on an empty stomach for 1 tbsp. l

3. Feline claw plant helps to reduce the size of formations. A teaspoon of raw materials is poured into a glass of moisture and boiled for half an hour under a lid. Cool and squeeze. Drink three glasses a day.
The plant often causes a skin allergic reaction, so the dosage should be strictly observed.

4. Half a glass of sage is poured into 400 ml of water and brought to a boil over low heat. Allow to boil for five minutes and set aside. They wait until it cools down, after which they filter. To improve the effectiveness of the drink, several leaves of mint and lemon balm are added to the already filtered. Use 100 ml three times if fibrotic mastopathy is observed.
Sage should not be used for frequent headaches and low blood pressure.

Decoctions from mastopathy.

5. Six tablespoons of a mixture of barley and oats grains (taken equally) is poured with a liter of liquid and kept on fire for forty minutes. During the day, drink the entire volume. The recipe helps with fibrocystic form.

6. A teaspoon of marsh angelica in 350 ml of moisture is boiled for ten minutes. Allow to cool and filter. Drink 120 ml twice before meals. It helps if mastopathy is diagnosed with menopause and is neglected.

7. A teaspoon of lumbago meadow in a mug of moisture is boiled for a quarter of an hour after boiling. The raw materials are cooled and wrung out. The volume is divided into six servings and drunk during the day.

8. Boil a couple of minutes 30 g of green eucalyptus in a liter of water. Once the composition has cooled, filtered. Drink twice a day for 70 ml.

9. Two large spoons of the sacred Vitex are boiled for fifteen minutes in 400 ml of water. Drink a glass four times.
An overdose of decoction leads to a malfunction of the hormonal cycle, causes a serious allergic reaction and provokes an intensification of the pain syndrome.

10. Put a mug of milk on the fire, add a whisper of chopped ginger root. Boil for ten minutes. Drink, divided into several portions, on an empty stomach.
Drinking on an empty stomach is dangerous, otherwise intestinal colic cannot be avoided.

Decoctions from mastopathy.

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