Decoctions of atherosclerosis.

Decoctions of atherosclerosis.

Home-cooked decoctions are indicated for use year-round. From time to time, it is important to replace one composition with another so that the effect is more obvious. After a year of regular admission, you can switch to a course of treatment.

Decoctions of atherosclerosis.

Mono decoctions

1. Twenty grams of crushed strawberry leaves are combined with water in an amount of 220 ml. They simmer for five minutes over medium heat, then stand under a towel and filter. Use 1 tbsp. l four times to combat excess cholesterol and remove salts from the body. Also, the recipe is recommended for the treatment of atherosclerosis of the abdominal arch.

2. Lemon mint helps with nerve spasms and tinnitus. A tablespoon of dried leaves is boiled for 10 minutes in a glass of liquid. The volume is divided into several portions.

3. 200 grams of rowan bark is combined with 500 milliliters of water and boiled over low heat for two hours. Take 1 tbsp. Before each meal. l
Rowan bark treatment is not recommended for people over the age of forty-five.

4. 250 grams of horseradish chopped on a coarse grater is poured with three liters of water and boiled over low heat for twenty minutes. Use three times a cup. Store in the refrigerator. Used to treat carotid arteries.

5. A dessert spoon of hawthorn fruit is poured into a container with 230 ml of water. Fifteen minutes boil over medium heat. Filter, bring the volume to 200 ml. Take before each meal the second part of the cup.

6. Consider effective treatment of atherosclerosis with a strong decoction of parsley. At least two tablespoons of raw materials are taken per cup of water.
The prescription cannot be used by people with kidney pathologies.

7. Birch buds in the amount of five grams are boiled for fifteen minutes in a glass of liquid. Stand under a towel for 1 hour. Take ½ cup each time after eating.

8. One art. l chopped flowers, stems and leaves of Tibetan lofant are boiled in 250 milliliters of water for ten minutes. Insist 40 minutes, filter and introduce a large spoon of honey. Drink every time before the main meal of 20 ml.

9. Peeling four potato tubers is boiled in 500 ml of water. Filter the broth and drink half a cup three times before meals.

10. To eliminate noise in the head take 1 tbsp. l heather and pour 500 ml of water. Boil for ten minutes. Filter through three hours. Use in any quantity.

Decoctions of atherosclerosis.

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