Delicious diet.

Delicious diet, 7 days, — 4 kg.

Best way to lose weight. Delicious diet.

Weight loss up to 4 kg in 7 days.
The average daily calorific value is 680 kcal.

At the word diet you are shivering, and you already imagine how to eat tasteless products such as celery or boiled broccoli, eating an unsalted leaf of a salad? And here not!

We suggest you familiarize yourself with one of the most popular variants of a delicious diet, calculated for 3, 5 days and 1 week. You will be convinced that you can eat deliciously and diversely, and the extra pounds while not being able to resist.

Requirements of a delicious diet

For the shortest three-day version of delicious weight loss can lose 1.5-2.5 kg. Meal these days three meals a day. The diet consists mainly of eggs, cheeses, fruits, vegetables and low-fat protein products. Sweets will give a small amount of honey, which can be introduced into the diet. Honey makes the diet menu tastier and is a wonderful way for sweet tooth. Honey suppresses sweet hunger and helps to modernize the figure without stress.

For five days of a delicious diet, you can get rid of 2-4 kg of interfering weight. You can eat five times a day, which helps to avoid an acute hunger, tasty and healthy foods. The ration will be filled, in particular, with non-starchy fruits, low-fat sour-milk products, vegetables, low-fat meat, rice and freshly squeezed juices. On this diet, sometimes even the world-famous supermodel Claudia Schiffer sits. Agree, her figure is an example for imitation. And the food star is also worth paying attention to. This diet involves meals in small quantities at approximately equal intervals with a refusal to eat at least 3 hours before bedtime. From liquids on all versions of a delicious diet clean water without gas, empty tea of ​​any kind and coffee are allowed.

Seven-day option, on which you can also throw 2-4 kg, most confirms the name of a delicious diet. Just think, you can use on certain days you can even salads (olivier, crab sticks, herring under the fur coat) and at the same time modernize your body. The principle is a banal (but effective!) Limitation of the daily calorie. The only wish is to dress salads not with fat mayonnaise, but with its lower calorie, light variation. And even better as a dressing, use yogurt with the addition of soy sauce and (or) lemon juice. This will help the dish to become less caloric and more useful, which your body will most certainly appreciate.

Menu of a delicious diet for 3 days

Day 1
Breakfast: 2 chicken eggs in boiled form; A cup of tea of ​​any kind with the addition of 1 tsp. Honey and a slice of lemon or a cup of natural coffee.
Lunch: up to 100 grams of hard cheese (preferably still not the largest fat content); Tea / coffee (in which you can also add a little honey).
Dinner: 200 ml of vegetable soup; For dessert — a few any fruits (preferably non-starchy); Tea / coffee with honey.

Day 2
Breakfast: 2 boiled or fried in a dry frying pan chicken eggs; Tea / coffee with honey.
Lunch: up to 300 g of low-fat cottage cheese with a small amount of honey; Tea coffee.
Dinner: Prepare non-fat fish or meat (150 g) without oil; And in a portion of salad from vegetables (except potatoes), you can add a little vegetable oil.

Day 3
Breakfast: 2 eggs in any form, plus tea / coffee with honey.
Lunch: several rye crisps; Up to 50 grams of hard cheese; Tea coffee.
Dinner: chicken egg; tea with honey; Fruit non-starch type in a reasonable amount.

Before going to bed in all diet-days you can drink a hot, slightly sweetened, drink.
Menu delicious diet for 5 days

Breakfast: salad of 1-2 favorite fruits and berries (but do not use bananas and grapes), seasoned with a small amount of homemade yogurt and a handful of germinated grains; A cup of green tea.

Snack: 100 ml of any fruit juice and the same amount of yogurt.

Lunch: a serving of vegetable stew prepared from sweet pepper, carrots, cauliflower, a small amount of canned beans, onions, any greens. Cooking dish is recommended on the water, but you can make sauce using olive oil and low-fat sour cream.

Snack: chicken breast in boiled or baked form (100-150 g) and a slice of rye bread. By the way, from this set of products you can make a delicious and healthy sandwich, adding a little favorite greenery.

Dinner: 50 g of boiled rice, brown or steamed (cakes are measured in dry form); In the rice garnish add an apple or a few other non-starchy types of fruit.

Menu delicious diet for 7 days

Breakfast: 150 grams of salad olivier.
Lunch: 200 g of salad olivier.
Dinner: 150 g of olive salad.

Breakfast: 2 meat rolls; 150-200 g of cabbage salad.
Lunch: 3 meat rolls; 150-200 g of cabbage salad.
Dinner: 2 meat rolls.

Breakfast: 150 grams of herring under a fur coat.
Lunch: 200 g of herring under a fur coat.
Dinner: 150 grams of herring under a fur coat.

Note: for the day just boil a bucket of cereal in dry form.
Breakfast: part of boiled buckwheat; 150 grams of carrot salad with onions.
Lunch: part of boiled buckwheat; 150 grams of carrot salad with onions.
Dinner: the rest of the boiled buckwheat.

Breakfast: 150 grams of crab salad.
Lunch: 200 g of crab salad.
Dinner: 150 grams of crab salad.

Note: Cook yourself for this day about a liter of your favorite soup (borsch).
Breakfast: up to 300 ml of soup.
Lunch: up to 300 ml of soup; slice of bread.
Snack: a few dietary loaves and some bread.
Dinner: about 300 ml of soup.

Breakfast: salad of apple and orange.
Snack: several tangerines.
Lunch: grapefruit and 1-2 small kiwi.
Dinner: several small apples.
Contraindications to a delicious diet

To a group of those who do not want to lose weight on this diet are women who are in an interesting position, nursing mothers, teenagers.

In the presence of a chronic illness that requires special food, or allergies to a product from the menu, you should abstain from observing this diet.

Advantages of a delicious diet

Losing weight without an acute sense of hunger.
Option to choose an option based on your goals and time opportunities.
Losing weight on conventional products. The opportunity not to abandon the delicious dishes, which one does not have to say often even in non-dietary times.
We get rid of excess fatty ballast without psychological discomfort and departure from the usual way of life.

Disadvantages of a delicious diet

The disadvantages of this diet is very little. We will refer to them, perhaps, not a supernatural transformation of the figure. It’s possible to lose a few pounds, but for significant changes this way of losing weight will not work.

If you choose a 7-day diet, it will take some time to prepare the salads. If there is no time to cook, problems may arise.

Repeated diet

Repeat the longest option of a delicious diet for 1 week is not recommended to repeat earlier than 2 weeks. Option for 5 days can be done 2 times a month, and a diet of 3 days can be repeated in a week.


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