Detox program.

Cleansing the body. Cleansing the body of salts.

Detox program.

Preparation: we transform the slag, which are buried in the body, into salts. Detox program.
For this purpose we take with the food of acid (ascorbic, palmitic, nicotinic, stearic, lemon, dairy, etc.). They are safe for the body, but at the same time they dissolve the slag, turning them into salts.

We use a lot of acidic foods: sauerkraut, cucumbers, tomatoes; milk-acid products (cottage cheese, cheese, cheese, kefir, fermented milk, etc.); as well as fruit vinegars.

Detox program.

During the transfer of slag into the salt, it is desirable to abandon the vegetable oil. Food is recommended during this period to use mainly meat and fish, for stronger acidification of the body.

After sweet foods: tea, compotes, etc. it is recommended to put on the tongue several grains of table salt. This causes the reaction of the stomach and causes it to throw acidic enzymes — pepsins, which contribute to a better transfer of slags into salts, and also destroy diseased cells in the body.

To accelerate the oxidative processes in the body should do physical work, massage the body.
During cleansing, you can not eat sharp, sour and salty foods. The food should be slightly salted and mostly vegetable.

Well dissolves salt tea from sporis, field horsetail, watermelon crusts, pumpkin tails.
Perfectly dissolve salt salts of roots of parsley, horseradish, leaves of mother-and-stepmother, chicory, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke. The dose is not more than 100 grams 30 minutes after eating.

Cleansing of salts with bay leaf.  Detox program.

5 g of bay leaves lower in 300 g of water. Boil for 5 minutes, followed by infusion in a thermos bottle. Dissolve the solution and drink it with breaks in small sips for 12 hours. All at once you can not, you can provoke bleeding. The procedure should be repeated for three days. In a week you can repeat.

Do not be surprised if there is pink urination, maybe every half hour. The fact is that the salts begin to dissolve so intensely that they irritate the bladder.

To make sure that the salts dissolve very vigorously, it is possible in a week or two. If you do not turn or hurt joints, there were weather pains. You will see that the body becomes quite mobile and the pains go away.

Black radish juice.  Detox program.

Take 10 kg of black radish tubers. Wash and, without peeling. Squeeze juice, about 3 liters. The juice is stored in the refrigerator. The cakes are mixed with honey in the proportion of 1 kg of cake 300 g of honey (500 g of sugar). Add the whey. Everything is stored warm in a jar under the press so that it does not grow moldy.

The juice begins to drink 1 tsp every hour after eating. If the pain in the liver is not felt, then the dose can be gradually increased to 100 g.

Black radish juice is a strong choleretic product. If the bile duct contains many salts, then the passage of bile is difficult, hence the pain. Apply a hot water bottle on the liver area, take hot baths. If the pain is tolerable, then the procedure is continued until the juice runs out. Usually the pain is felt only at the beginning, then everything is normalized. Salts go unnoticed, but the effect of cleansing is huge.

The procedure should be carried out 1-2 times a year, observing at this time a lean diet, avoiding acute and acidic foods.
When the juice is over, start eating oilcakes, which by that time will already be sour. Eat during meals 1-3 st. spoons, until they run out. This especially strengthens the lung tissue and cardiovascular system.

 Tea from sunflower roots. Detox program.

Since autumn, they store thick parts of roots, cut off small hairy roots, carefully wash and dry. Then they are crushed into small pieces (the size of beans) and boiled in an enamel teapot (for 3 liters of water 1 glass of roots) for about 1-2 minutes. Tea should be drunk in 2-3 days.

Then these same roots boil again, but for 5 minutes in the same volume of water, and also drink in 2-3 days. Having finished drinking tea from the first portion, proceed to the next, etc.

This tea is drunk in large doses in half an hour after a meal. while the salt begins to come out only after 2-3 weeks, the urine will be rusty. Drink until it becomes clear.
It is forbidden to eat everything salty.


Detox program.


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