Diet 9 days.

Diet 9 days.

Diet 9 days with the exact observance of all the tips allows a person of average complexion to lose up to 3-4 kilograms of excess weight, for «heroes» of large sizes — up to 6-9 kilograms.

Diet «9 days.» First part.

Three days only rice, water and honey.
Requires a 9-day diet for the whole day: 250 grams of rice (long-grain, white, wild, and brown is prohibited !!!), 2 or a little more than a liter of filtered, non-alkaline, three tablespoons (tea) honey.

Diet «9 days» advises a portion of rice in the evening pour cold water. In the morning, recline in a colander and rinse thoroughly under running water. The task is to wash out the starch that has come out from the cereal. After shifting to a saucepan, pour water (hot) in a ratio of 1: 2 and cook for 15 minutes, as prescribed by the 9-day diet.

We divide the finished rice into 5-6 equal parts and eat it throughout the day, not allowing ourselves to feel hunger. The last portion should be taken before 8 pm. In addition to rice, you must drink water, as desired by the «Diet 9 days.» The volume drunk must be at least two liters per day.

Water should be distributed evenly, just like rice, avoiding too much fluid in the evening. For example, after 7-8 pm you should have only one glass of water left out, which is required by the “9 Day Diet”.

In addition to rice and water, do not forget about three tablespoons of honey throughout the day. Honey should not be spread on anything, but it should be eaten just like that, washed down with some water, as the 9-day diet requires. And so all three days.

What happens to our body when they follow the 9-day diet: rice in this situation acts as an eterosorbent, clearing the accumulated toxins from the intestines with toxins that are present in the majority.

Diet «9 days.» The second part of.

Three days of chicken (fish), water and, of course, honey.

Requires a 9-day diet for a whole day: chicken — 1200-1300 grams (weight purchased) or ready-made chicken or low-fat fish (cod, ice, sea bass) 700-800 grams — alternately, 2 — 2.5 liters of water, three spoons (tea) of honey.

Diet «9 days» recommends taking a good chicken or the same fish and boil in a double boiler in the evening. In the morning, drink one glass of water — and you can safely proceed to breakfast. If you have chicken, then we first remove the skin, and then with pleasure we eat the whole leg and part of the back. This makes up about a fifth of the total bird.

The remaining meat must be separated from the bones, mix the white meat with red and divide everything into five parts that you eat during the day, as desired by the 9-day diet. But remember that the last meal should be no later than seven in the evening.

If you give your preference to fish, then divide it into six equal parts and do exactly the same as with chicken — eat throughout the day, avoiding the feeling of hunger, which is why the 9-day diet is not dangerous. You can take a little fish, about 2 centimeters, a stem of any greenery and season with drops of lemon juice.

Fish and chicken days can be alternated, but in no case should you combine both fish and chicken in one day. Do not forget about water and honey, which requires a 9-day diet. See part one. And so all three days. What happens to our body when the 9-day diet is activated: protein enters, the fat cell gradually partes with the fat.

Diet «9 days.» Part three.

Three days of vegetables, water and honey.

Requires a 9-day diet for a whole day: one kilogram of vegetables, up to 2.5 liters of water, three tablespoons of honey. It follows, as desired by the 9-day diet: take one kilogram of vegetables, give your preference preferably to white and green (onions, white cabbage, young zucchini).

Do not forget about carrots, beets and tomatoes, but they should be much less in comparison with white and green, as the 9 days diet will remind you. Approximately half a kilo of vegetables are finely chopped and simmer on water or cook in a double boiler. Of the remaining we perform a salad brush.

Salad brush (diet «9 days»).

Required: one raw beetroot, one raw carrot, a couple of sheets of white cabbage, fresh herbs, a little lemon juice, one spoon (teaspoon) of olive oil, one spoon (tablespoon) of water.

Preparation: Peeled vegetables should be grated (coarse), cabbage and greens finely chopped. Mix the ingredients and season them with lemon juice and olive oil, add a tablespoon of water (the salad that the 9-day diet recommends) will be much juicier).

Divide the stewed vegetables into three parts and the salad brush — in the same way into three parts. Throughout the day, you should alternate dishes. Just like on all days of the diet, you need to drink water and eat honey. What happens to our body when the 9-day diet acts on it: the vitamin-mineral complex is fully replenished. At the same time, the volume of the abdomen decreases, since the salad brush brilliantly removes from the intestines you know what.

How to maintain your own weight — tells the diet «9 days.»

Slowly return to your usual food, But exclude it from your own diet:

Hyper-salted products (herring and absolutely all kinds of pickles);
Sweets, desserts, as well as bread;
Sweet and carbonated drinks, which the 9-day diet cannot stand.

We introduce low-fat cheese (up to 50 grams daily), diet bread (several pieces throughout the day) into our diet.

Do not stop drinking water (up to 2.5 liters) and adhere to a reasonable schedule for eating food. We eat at least four times during the day, 250 grams per sitting. We do not allow ourselves to have dinner after seven in the evening, which is what the 9-day diet requires.

Diet 9 days.

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