Diet by Elena Malysheva.

Diet for weight loss menu for a week women.

Diet by Elena Malysheva.

Diets for weight loss belly and sides menu.

Elena Malysheva not only the presenter, but still certified nutritionist. Probably about Helen, you learned from TV, it became famous thanks to the program «Health». It currently airs are still on the first channel of the education program about health and diet, but under a different name. Diet by Elena Malysheva.

After one of the editions of TV shows, Malyshev has become very popular on the Internet, namely her diet has gained popularity, which is quite logical, named after her — «Elena Malysheva Diet».


On the Internet to get to the actual diet Malysheva is almost impossible, the matter is that greedy creators of sites that do a lot of sites on these diets, with a view to profit. If you get to our site — you’re in luck. This is where you can find original and almost unique diet from Aunt Lena.

Best Diet Elena Malysheva. Diet №1

A great option, not causing harm to the body. Adhering to this weight loss method, you can lose up to 4 kilos in just a week. Of course it is desirable to perform the exercise.

For breakfast, we eat 2 slices of black bread, 100 grams of fat-free cottage cheese, 200 g of any vegetable, drink a glass of green tea.

Lunch — 1 plate of vegetable soup, 100g. Boiled chicken breast or boiled fish, 100 gr. buckwheat or rice porridge. Drink a glass of juice.

At lunch — eat 300 grams. fruit or berries.

Dinner — 100 grams. nonfat cottage cheese, 100 gr. boiled fish, 1 slice of bread. Drink 1 cup of nonfat yogurt. The duration of the diet of 7 days, during this period, you can lose up to 4 kg.

Diet malyshevoy the program «Living healthy». Diet №2

It is this diet has been presented in a TV program on the first channel, called «Life’s great.»
Telecast is an analogue of the program «Health», which also led Elena.
Your breakfast. Boiled egg in an amount of one piece (buy the choicest eggs). A glass of orange juice. After breakfast, before lunch, do not eat anything.

Your lunch. Vegetable salad with turkey slices (about 60) and cheese (low-fat), salad leaves.
Your afternoon snack. One large, green apple, not more.
Your dinner. Pasta with Shrimp (or finely chopped chicken) — 115g, spinach salad (dressing low-fat)..

Super Diet Elena Malysheva. Diet №3

It looks funny, but often it is looking for this title is one of the ways to lose weight by Elena Malysheva. This is partly true, and it is no exaggeration to call the «super», because by using it, many people lost weight in just a few days to a few kilos.
Breakfast. Cereals (coarse grinding) which must be filled with skim milk or milk with a low fat content less than 1%.
Dinner. For lunch, you have to eat the same thing for breakfast.
Dessert. For dessert, perfect pear.
Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs of lean turkey, if desired — lettuce.
The duration of the diet depends on what you currently have weight. If more than 90kg, we recommend that you sit on it 14-21 day, if more than 70, it will be enough for 14 days. If you simply want to maintain a healthy body, it is sufficient to arrange one fasting day per week sitting on a diet.

Fast diet of Malysheva. Diet №4

The duration of the fast diet — exactly one week. The diet is very strict, if you doubt that overpower her, it is better to consult your doctor or a nutritionist from the clinic fee. She even than it resembles a seven-day diet
For breakfast. The dried beygale (these are bagels) with cheese (low-fat).
For lunch. Green salad with boiled chicken — 115g. For dessert, 2 peach.
For dinner. Lasagna from low-fat cheese, salad greens (lean filling).
All. We do not eat anything. You can drink water only, as long as you want. Repeatedly lose weight with the help of it can only be a month, not before, because the body needs to recover damages. But the result will be visible to you soon!

Official diet Malysheva. Diet №5

The proposed diet must be followed for five weeks. Throughout the diet should eat only raw vegetables, as well as cheeses and yogurts five per cent fat. Coma can then 1 egg, cooked in a cool during the day.
The amount of recommended food — every time a meal during the day — also at your discretion.
Coffee and tea — it is possible, but without sugar. The water we drink necessarily, about two liters a day.
First weekRaw vegetables we eat, how much we want as we want (whole, sliced, pureed), in any combination: both with each other and with dairy products and eggs permitted 1.
The second week. We need to eat all the same as the first, and allowed apples (green) no more than three a day.
The third week. To add a recommended diet of meat, poultry or fish (300 g). The number used in the first two weeks of dairy products is necessary to slightly reduce. This diet adhere to the end of the diet. Weight will begin to go on the third week, the next week it will be even more intense.

Diet site Elena Malysheva. Diet №6

Diet consumption involves mainly protein. Liquids can drink without restriction. Diet food, calculated on day (300 grams).
Breakfast. Not before 8 am — 250 ml of green tea or coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar.
You can eat 1 egg and 7-8 plum or prune as much.
Dinner. 200 g of boiled chicken, 1 apple and 1 orange. 150 grams of salad from cabbage and carrots.
Snack. 1 orange or 1 apple, 50 g of solid cheese.
Dinner. It must be no later than 20 hours — a glass of low-fat yogurt.
That it was posted on the official website of Elena Malysheva, we reprinted it, modifying the text, but left no meaning, which brings the way to lose weight.

Free diet for weight loss at Malysheva. Diet №7

Yes, free of charge, however, as all previous and following a diet on this site. Suitable for fast and exhausting reset to 5 kg for 3 days.
Day 1: Breakfast — boiled egg, tea with lemon (you can add 0.5 teaspoon of honey).
Lunch — cheese (100 g), tea with lemon, apple.
Dinner — a bowl of soup, a slice of black bread, fruit (100-150 grams).

Day 2: Breakfast — boiled egg, tea with lemon or coffee (you can add 0.5 teaspoon of honey).
Dinner — cottage cheese (200 grams) 1 teaspoon of honey, a salad of green leaves and cucumber slice of black bread.
Dinner — fish or poultry (150 gr.), Vegetable salad in any quantity, tea with lemon.

Day 3: Breakfast boiled egg, tea with lemon or coffee (you can add 0.5 teaspoon of honey), 1 fruit.
Lunch — cheese (50 gr.), A slice of rye bread, vegetable salad (200 grams).
Dinner — fruit (200 grams), yogurt, tea.

A diet based on celery. №8

Malyshev has many recipes for diets that are significantly different from other more stringent diets, and here is a description of one of them.
This prescription diet helped quickly get rid of the extra kilos and improve the digestive processes in the body Ksenia Borodina.
The basic diet is as follows: celery root, horseradish root, a cup of yogurt, apple and salt.
First Grate the apple and celery root. After that, mix the apple and celery, in a ratio of three to one, then similarly rubbed horseradish root and then add it to the celery with apple. And then to pour a glass of yogurt. Add salt to taste and drink it every day, throughout the week.
Plus, this diet must be at least two weeks to take herbal baths, which enhance the effects of this diet, as well as a beneficial effect on the work of the digestive organs. All you need is to make the collection of herbs and add it to the bath. The water temperature of your bath should be up to 40 C. These baths can be taken for 10-15 days. However, the diet has given good results and your body approached by parameters to the body Ksenia Borodina, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and move more.

That’s all.
Spent a lot of time for that to write this article as much as 6 hours I will be grateful if you accomplish your goal in the comments or ask any questions regarding these diets on Malysheva.
Our editorial staff has chosen as the best diet of ten granted — a diet at number eight.
This free diet for weight loss at No. 7, is the best choice for anyone who decided to lose weight by this method.


Diet by Elena Malysheva.

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