Diet for gout.

Diet can be of great help in gout.

Diet for gout.

First of all, you need to get rid of excessive fatness with a low-calorie diet.
Losing weight often leads to a sharp decrease in the concentration of urate in the blood even without the use of drugs. Diet for gout.

One of the most important dietary conditions for gout — food should be poor in purines, proteins and fats (this will reduce the formation of urinary acid and its salts in the body).

From the diet you need to exclude rich meat and fish soups, fatty fish, canned fish, caviar, as well as fatty meats and by-products (kidneys, liver, tongue, brains, heart, lungs).

Of meat products, preferably chicken meat, as the content of purines in it is small. It is allowed only twice a week to eat boiled fish and meat.

It is necessary to refuse sharp snacks, smoked products, spices. It is necessary to exclude strong tea, coffee, chocolate, alcohol, beer.
Eggs, sausages, fatty dairy products are also advisable to limit.
Mushrooms are not recommended. A vegetable and fruit diet is desirable.
However, vegetables should be limited to beans, cauliflower, sorrel, spinach, asparagus; From fruits — grapes and apricots, from berries — raspberries and cranberries.

At a gout it is recommended plentiful alkaline drink:
Skimmed and diluted milk, vegetable, fruit and berry diluted juices, but at the same time, diuretics such as hypothiazite and furasemide should not be used without much need, exclude caffeine and its derivatives, euphyllin and other purine-type products.

Elimination of uric acid through the gastrointestinal tract is facilitated by enterosorbents: activated charcoal, bran, pectin-rich vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, corn, pumpkin.
It is recommended to drink 0.5-1 cup of pumpkin juice with pulp.
Useful as enterosorbents are hemicellulose and pectin-rich fruits and berries such as apples, plums, gooseberries, black and red currants. But fatty foods and alcohol prevent the excretion of uric acid from the body by the kidneys.

Vegetable soup.

300 g of zucchini or pumpkin, 300 g of cabbage, 4 potatoes, 2 carrots, 1 onion, 1 fresh tomato, 1 sweet pepper, greens, garlic cloves, 2 l of water, salt to taste.

Marrows squash and cut into cubes, potatoes and carrots cut along the strips, tomato and sweet pepper — into slices. Grind the cabbage, put it in boiling water and, once again bringing the water to a boil, put the remaining vegetables. At the end of the cooking, add the greens, crushed garlic. Serve the soup with sour cream.


Diet for gout.

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