Diet for Heart.

Healthy heart foods

Diet for Heart.

1 glass of red grape juice a day protects against heart attack. Freshly juice prevents blood clots clogged coronary blood vessels that feed the heart. It reduces by 75% the activity of blood platelets — platelets. Diet for Heart.

2 cups of milk, especially low-fat, but natural, reduce the likelihood of heart disease in half.

3 times a day, eat foods rich in vitamin E: vegetables, cheese, cottage cheese, legumes, unrefined vegetable oil.

4 slices of fish by 44% per week reduces the risk of dying from myocardial infarction.

5 of walnuts a day to extend the life of 7 years. This is due to the unique ability of nuts protect us from the harmful cholesterol.

Eat spices, citric acid, cinnamon, parsley, dill or cilantro.

Excluded from the diet foods and drinks, stimulating the central nervous system and heart, strong tea. coffee, chocolate, cocoa, spicy seasonings.

Garlic is valid only in small quantities or after heat treatment.

Preference was given vegetable soups and milk, green salad, cottage cheese.

Meat and fish dishes to consume no more than twice a week, eggs-not more than seven units per week.

When illness contracted salt intake.
If the propensity to hypertension have to reduce salt intake.
If the disease has already entered into your life, the treatment and prevention of exacerbations should take place under strict diet with limited salt intake. When the diet too much salt, it is delayed in the tissue water that provokes increase in blood pressure, leading to edema. Excess fluid creates an additional burden on the heart.

Eat more food containing the potassium salt (cabbage, pumpkin) they improve the activity of the cardiac muscle and contribute to the removal of excess fluid.


Diet for Heart.

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