Diet for neurodermatitis.

Diet for neurodermatitis.

This applies to both adults and children. Food is recommended mainly vegetable, with a sufficient amount of vitamins, limitation of salt and the exclusion of spices, smoked meats, canned food, sugary carbonated drinks and confectionery.

To reduce the risk of neurodermatitis in a child during breastfeeding, citrus fruits, honey, cocoa, chocolate, condensed milk, pickles, spices, strawberries, and raspberries are excluded from the mother’s diet. With artificial feeding, the emphasis is on fermented milk products and do not use ready-made dry mixtures.

Children with neurodermatitis are shown the regular use of vegetable oils, especially olive and corn oils, which regulate metabolic processes, and vitamin E, contained in vegetable oil, has an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effect.

Folk remedies to help

Good results are obtained by using alternative methods that are safer, since they do not use hormonal and antihistamine synthetic drugs, which have a number of harmful side effects.

For treatment, many medicinal herbs are used — both externally and internally — in the form of infusions and
decoctions, ointments, baths, compresses.

For oral administration, they give «blood-purifying» fees, which include plants that have the ability to regulate metabolism, as well as provide anti-inflammatory and sedative effects.

• Leaves of stinging nettle, dandelion medicinal, herb of white grass (dull nettle) and horsetail — equally.
2 tbsp. Brew spoons of collection in 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos, leave for 2 hours, strain.
Adults: drink 2 glasses a day in 4 doses 15-20 minutes before meals. Children 2-3 years old — 60-80 ml of infusion in several doses per day.

For children 3-4 years old — 100 ml per day, 4-6 years old — 100-130 ml, 6-8 years old — 150-200 ml, 8-10 years old — 200-250 ml, 10-14 years old — 300 ml. Over 14 years old — 350-400 ml per day.

• Leaves of white birch (young, sticky), grass of wild strawberry, Potentilla goose, oregano, rhizomes of creeping wheatgrass — equally. Cook and consume in the same way.

• Herb St. John’s wort, yarrow, leaves of plantain, stinging nettle, string tripartite, burdock roots.
3 tbsp. spoons of the mixture in the evening, brew 3 cups of boiling water, leave until morning, strain. Drink half a glass 5 times a day before meals.

• A complex medicinal collection is useful: the herb of Veronica officinalis, dandelion, asparagus, medicinal asparagus, a series of tripartite, azure blue, swamp honeydew, bittersweet nightshade, leaves of dioecious nettle, wild raspberry, medicinal sage — all equally.
2 tbsp. Brew spoons of the mixture in 0.5 liters of boiling water in a thermos, leave for 3 hours, strain.
Drink a quarter of a glass 3-5 times daily before meals.

All fees are taken in courses of 3-4 weeks with a break of 7-10 days.

Outwardly, medicinal herbs such as yarrow, chamomile, sweet clover are widely used medicinal, bedstraw, hops.
They are used to prepare infusions and decoctions used for compresses, washings and lotions.

• It is recommended to apply to the affected skin areas twice a day baby cream (or after shave cream) with the addition of fresh celandine juice (5: 1). Such a remedy does not dry the skin, relieves inflammation and eliminates itching well.

• Any form of neurodermatitis is quickly and effectively treated with propolis ointment: petroleum jelly, pork fat or vegetable oil, into which, when heated in a water bath, crushed propolis is added (for 100 g of base 10 g of propolis). After dissolving propolis, the ointment is filtered hot, used 2 times a day.

• Good results are obtained by using blue or green clay mixed with sea salt 2: 1,
it is diluted with water until a slurry is formed and applied to the affected areas once a day,
leaving to dry, then wash off with warm boiled water. Procedures (2-3 weeks daily) relieve itching and other discomfort on the skin well. Healing mud also helps a lot.

Neurodermatitis belongs to a group of skin diseases that require long-term therapy, therefore, patients, parents of children suffering from this disease, require perseverance and discipline, the strict implementation of all medical appointments. Without this, it is impossible to achieve a lasting positive effect of treatment.

Diet for neurodermatitis.

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