Diet from cholecystitis.

Chronic cholecystitis.

Diet from cholecystitis.

Description cholecystitis diet and exemplary menu. Dishes for cholecystitis diet prepared mainly on steamed or boiled. Valid baked dishes, but the fried excluded definitely because with this method of cooking produced substances, irritating the liver, the stomach and intestines. Diet from cholecystitis.

In remission meat, for example, can only be lightly fried, pre-boil it.

The daily rate of salt should not exceed ’10 normal functioning of the Day of the gallbladder is important that the food animal and vegetable proteins are in an optimal ratio. Diet from cholecystitis.

When diet cholecystitis resolved:

lean meats, poultry;
cottage cheese and other dairy products;
2 eggs a week (in the form of an omelette cooked and boiled).

In the presence of stones and gall bladder, or during an exacerbation of the inflammatory process it is recommended to eat eggs only in the form of steam protein omelets: not to bring on an attack of biliary colic and strengthen painful sensations;
Vegetables, fruits, berries (patients with chronic cholecystitis can eat only sweet fruits and berries);
stale bread and other flour products;
carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, beets, zucchini, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes;
vegetable oil (only in the finished dish, so as not to expose it to heat, otherwise it will lose its medicinal properties).

For patient calculous cholecystitis daily rate of oil is 20-30 mL, and this amount is divided into several stages. If there acalculous cholecystitis in the daily diet include 30-50 ml of vegetable oil;
butter (15-20 g daily), and a little sour cream;
50-70 g sugar per day, including in food and added.

When diet cholecystitis excluded:

beans and other legumes, spinach and mushrooms. In the presence of the accompanying gastritis or duodenitis exclude from the diet of onions, garlic, radishes (they contain essential oils irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach and duodenum);
fatty pork, lamb, goose, duck;
meats, marinades, fish oil-rich, brain, kidney, liver, fat grades of beef and pork, lamb, goose, duck, animal fats (except butter);
chocolate, cocoa, pastry;
canned beans and other legumes, spinach;
strong meat, fish, mushroom broth, spices.

Sample menu of the day

1st breakfast. Cottage cheese with sour cream, apple juice.

2nd breakfast. 2 peaches.

Dinner. Tomatoes stuffed with apples, broth with rice and tomato, chicken meatballs, boiled potatoes and tea.
Tomatoes stuffed with apples

2 tomatoes, 150 grams of sweet apples, 25 g shelled walnuts, 50 ml cream, lemon juice, sugar, salt.

Apple peel and core, cut into small cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice. Add chopped nuts, sugar and salt. Dress the part of a mixture of cream and mix thoroughly all. Wash tomatoes, cut off the top part of the middle teaspoon gently remove the flesh. Prepared apple stuffing to fill the tomatoes, put them on a dish and pour over the remaining cream.

The broth with rice and tomatoes

150 g of bones, 60 grams of meat {for procrastination), 25 g of rice, 30 grams of tomatoes, 4 g of parsley, salt.

Tomatoes blanch and peel them from the skin. Then cut into wedges, remove seeds and cut into pieces. Thereafter tomatoes simmered in a small amount of broth. Separately, boil the rice in salted water and fold it in a colander. Parsley scald and chop. When serving in a bowl put the tomatoes, rice, parsley and pour hot broth.

Chicken meatballs. 

80 g of chicken meat, 30 ml of water, 4 egg whites, 3 g of butter, salt.

The twice passed through a meat grinder minced chicken add water, egg white, oil, salt and mix well. From cooked weight molded patties. Cook them for a couple.

Snack. Marrow in vegetable sauce, fruit juice.
Marrow in vegetable sauce

150 g of zucchini, 60 g of tomatoes, lettuce 10 g, 10 g of parsley, dill 5 g, 10 ml of vegetable oil, 25 g of green onion, 10 g flour, 3 g sugar.

Squash peeled. Early cut into circles, later — slices, after removing the core. Sliced ​​zucchini breaded in flour and fry in butter (1/2 of normal). Green onions chop, lightly fry in the remaining oil. Add to it chopped lettuce, parsley and tomatoes (small slices). All simmer for 10 minutes. The resulting sauce season with salt and sugar. Serve the squash in cold, sprinkle with chopped dill. Lettuce can be replaced by a young beet tops.

Dinner. Fresh cucumbers, potato roulade with carrots, stewed fruit.
Roll potato and carrot

170 g of potato, 1/2 egg, wheat flour 5 g 5 g of butter, sour cream 5 g, 3 g of biscuit.

For stuffing 30 g of carrot, 15 g of curds, 1/4 eggs, 2 g of sugar, 2 g of butter.

Tubers Boil, mash, add egg, flour and cook puree. Arrange the weight evenly on a gauze moistened with water or a napkin. In the middle put the stuffing, combine the edges and pinch them, giving the product form of roll. Carefully shift it on a greased baking sheet (seam side down), lubricate the sour cream with egg, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, make a few punctures match (or fork) and bake in a hot oven. Preparation of the stuffing: carrots chop and stew with the addition of milk and butter. Then cool it, mince (or knead tolkushkoy), combine with grated cheese, sugar, eggs (you can add a little flour). Ready roll cut into portions. Serve with sour cream.

At night. Kefir.

Be healthy! Traditional recipes will help to cure the disease and regain health!


Diet from cholecystitis.

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