Different skin diseases.

How to deal with wen.

Different skin diseases.

Atheroma (congestion of the sebaceous gland), skin diseases,  can provoke an increased greasiness of the skin. Different skin diseases.
For prevention, the bath is useful, since all sebaceous ducts are opened in the bath.

From medicinal plants it opens well all obstructions of shandra.
It is brewed at the rate of a tablespoon per cup of boiling water and drunk like tea (by the way, very pleasant, with a delicate aroma) without a special norm.

Shandra is popularly called horse peppermint, chandra tea with the smell of apples soothes nerves well.

I recommend to pay attention to food: exclude from the diet of fatty foods, give preference to hot, not cold food.
Eat more spices such as pepper, garlic, onions.
They warm the body, activate metabolic processes, contain natural antibiotics.

Different skin diseases.

Scientific medicine for getting rid of fatty acids offers only surgery, but you can try using such herbal remedies as hemlock and bleached.

Hemorrhoids well resorbs fat. Take 10% tincture of hemlock according to the so-called tsarist method, when tincture of hemlock is applied once a day, in the morning on an empty stomach (one hour before a meal), starting from 1 drop, increasing the dose by one drop every day for 40 days.

Drop the drops with a pipette into a glass of water, but even better, add drops of hemlock to infusion of herb oregano or sequins, since the hemlock slightly changes the formula of blood, and the oregano and its turn are restored.

It is advisable to use this medicine with slow sips.

After taking the dose of taking the tincture to 40 drops, start the number of drops in the reverse order: take 39 drops, 38, 37 and so on to 1 drop.

Briefly, such a scheme is designated 1-40-1. This is one course of treatment, and it is 79 days.

If you feel a slight nausea during the treatment of a hemlock, then you should stop on the number of drops that you have already reached, and start reducing the intake of the drug to 1 drop.

After a 79-day course of treatment with a hemlock, take a week-long break during which the body cleanses the broth of burdock roots.

Do two such courses, then make a two-month break (so as not to be addictive), and then you can repeat the treatment courses.

Different skin diseases.

And one more piece of advice: it is a good softener for weners to everyone available, always on sale spermacet cream.

I myself observed a rapid resolution of the blockage on the face of a man to whom the doctor prescribed to lubricate her with spermacetin cream.

Oder externally apply to zhirovik ointment hemlock — it well breaks fat. To make a hemlock balm oil, take 50 g of chopped hemlock blotch herb, or a mixture of herb and plant seeds, or just the hemlock seeds.

This vegetable raw material is placed in a jar and poured into it 500 ml of olive oil, insist 21 days in a dark place at room temperature, stirring occasionally.

After 3 weeks, the hemlock oil is ready — strain it a few layers of gauze in another bowl. Store the oil at room temperature — it does not deteriorate.

In addition to ointment hemlock, it is good to use for outdoor purposes oil whitened.

It is also prepared 10%: pour 10 g of bleached 100 g of vegetable butter, cook for 2 hours in a water bath, then let it sit for about 8 hours and strain. Gauze napkins, moistened with bleached oil, apply on the wen and fasten with plaster.


Different skin diseases.

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