Disease of the breast.

Antidepressant and sedative therapy. 

Disease of the breast.

It is important to maintain a balanced state of neuro-psychic sphere. This is achieved by autogenous training, work on yourself, relaxation exercises, meditation. Disease of the breast.

Finally, you can use a variety of herbal tinctures: motherwort, peony, cottonweed, hawthorn, Sophora, valerian, lily of the valley, and so forth.
The most effective mixture of these infusions. Take 3 times a day 20-30 drops.

Completion of deficiency of vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

When mastitis advisable to take courses for 1 month vitamins A and E in sredneterapevticheskih doses. It is also necessary to take zinc supplements, for example, «zinc» or «Tsinkteral» at a dose of 100-200 mg per day, and «Selenium-active» at a dose of 100 micrograms per day. Disease of the breast.
Very efficient enzyme complex «Wobenzym» or «enzyme complex» Art Life.

Local therapy.

• For the treatment of mastitis and breast hardness, in folk medicine used leaves or juice of the young: they are ground, mixed with equal parts honey and butter and make compresses for 2 hours a day.

• When mastopathies used topically as an ointment Melilotus officinalis: 1 of the condensed broth clover mixed with 4 parts of petroleum jelly or unsalted butter. Rub the resulting mass in the breast area 2 times a day (instead of condensed broth clover can use its juice). Good acts clover flowers decoction, mixed in equal quantities with rose oil and bean flour. To impose as a compress for the night.

• Raw beets grate, mix it with chalk in a ratio of 3: 1, the resulting mass to put a bandage on the mammary gland and leave it overnight. In the morning remove the bandage, put beets in the refrigerator, wash with warm water chest. The next night, repeat the procedure. Then, on the day to take a break. In total it is necessary to hold 20 sessions.

! Compresses, poultices, applications should not be warm. Keep compresses desirable as long as possible, at least 2 hours.

Homeopathic therapy.

Homeopathic therapy is aimed at addressing the constitutional violations. for oral therapy of this disease are shown the following homeopathic remedies:
Schwef-Heel 3 times daily for 8-10 drops; Galium-Heel 3 times daily for 8-10 drops; Lymphomyosot 3 times a day 10-15 drops. These drugs can be taken together or alternately for 2 months.


Disease of the breast.

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