Douching erosion treatment.

Douching erosion treatment.

1. For the treatment of the cervix, irrigation is performed with fresh milk. From the moment of milking the cow should be no more than ten minutes.

2. After cauterization, they are treated with a hemoptysis. A tablespoon of the roots is filled with 230 ml of hot water. A quarter-hour is kept in a water bath, after which it is filtered. Diluted in a liter of clean water and used for douching twice a day.

3. To cure erosion without cauterization, it is recommended to douche with warm urine. Repeat three times a day for a month.
Following this advice will result in consequences in the form of complications. In addition, it has nothing to do with hygiene standards.

4. Take two tablespoons of salt and a liter of boiled water, mix. The resulting solution is douched for ten days in the morning and evening. You can prepare a solution of salt and soda (1 tsp each) or replace the soda with sugar.

5. Enamel shells are boiled in an enamel bowl (until the water turns brown). The broth is diluted with water one to one and is used for douching in the evenings for 10 days.

Douching erosion treatment.

6. In a liter of water, the crushed stalk of the loin is brewed. The finished product is used twice — in the morning and in the evening, repeating the procedure for two weeks.

7. Peel the head of garlic, pass through a press. Pour a liter of warm water and leave overnight. Filter in the morning. They are douched for a week, repeating once a day. If necessary, the course can be repeated after a three-day break.

8. To a half glass of boiled water add a chopped slice of lemon. Leave for a short time, then filter. Apply the drug before bedtime.
The acid in the lemon can cause an allergic reaction, burning and itching.

9. Five grams of stone oil are dissolved in 500 ml of warm water. The procedure is performed with a warm solution in an amount of 100 ml. Instead of water, you can use a solution of frankincense, which will enhance the therapeutic effect.

10. Mix 10 g of bird cherry, wormwood, lavender flowers, 20 g of birch leaves, sage, oak bark, cinnamon, calendula flowers, 30 g of pharmacy chamomile. Fifteen grams of the collection is poured with a liter of boiling water. Stand for several hours, filter. Used for the procedure twice a week. Perform before bedtime.

Douching erosion treatment.

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