Drops from cataracts.

Drops from cataracts.

Drops from cataracts. From the point of view of alternative medicine, home-made drops are one of the first methods of getting rid of cataracts. Recipes are useful for dealing with each of its species. Therapy involves the use of drops simultaneously for both eyes.

1. Use pine or fir resin, collected from a tree trunk (especially elastic cortical areas on which cuts are made) are required. The protruding liquid is collected in a container. Zhivitsa mixed with sunflower oil (1: 3). Apply once a day in one dose. The procedures are performed from one to one and a half months.
When instilling such a composition, a burning sensation in the eyes is possible.

2. Take the bile of a living pike. Before a night’s sleep, they drip one drop, continuing the treatment for ten days. After a break of one and a half weeks and a new ten-day course.
Such advice for the treatment of cataracts can cause severe pain in the eyes.

3. In a proportion of one to one mix onion juice and water. Instilled in the eyes twice a day drop by drop. A month is treated. For greater effectiveness, you can add a little dandelion milk or replace the water with honey.

4. Take one part of acacia honey and water. Drops are used a month — three times a day, one drop. The finished product is stored in the refrigerator.

5. Take one part of the Kalanchoe juice and the live-bearer, two — aloe. Mix thoroughly. Folk remedy is effective in the initial stage of cataracts. Use two drops four times a day, for a month.

6. Take the apple, cut off the top and remove the core. Honey is poured into the resulting void, closed with the top. After two days of exposure in a dark place, the resulting composition is poured into a glass container. Drop into the eyes in two doses several times a day for 2-3 months.

7. Refined olive oil is dripped into the eyes for several months daily. Enough three doses daily.

8. An egg can help relieve cataract discomfort. The product two days ago (the laid egg spends two days on the table) is cooked for 30 minutes. They clean it, trying not to damage the protein, cut it lengthwise into two halves and extract the yolk. Acacia honey is poured into the formed pits. Leave for «maturing» for a day. The resulting liquid is drained, stored in a glass container in the refrigerator. Use twice a day for several doses for each of the eyes. You can continue treatment for months.

Drops from cataracts.

9. Another egg-based cataract recipe. The hard-boiled egg is cleaned and cut in half. Remove the yolk. Sugar is poured into the pits, closed. Sent for half an hour in the oven. The resulting liquid is poured into a glass container. Use a few drops three times in 24 hours, treating both eyes. Treatment is performed for a month.

10. In equal proportions mix acacia honey and aloe juice. Add a little purified water. Sent in the refrigerator, stored no more than three days. Dose at a dose of three times a day for 21 days.

11. A teaspoon of fresh roots of clematis is steamed with a glass of hot water. After half an hour, filter. Use four weeks, dripping a dose in each eye three times a day. Also, the infusion is indicated for internal use.

12. In a ratio of 3: 4: 2: 2: 1 take the leaves of common dandelion, common blueberries, blue cornflower flowers, rhizomes of calamus swamp and aromatic grass. Three tablespoons of the collection is steamed with a glass of hot water, held in a water bath for twenty minutes. Filter thoroughly. Buried in the eyes about three drops, repeating four times a day. A month is treated. The composition shows effectiveness in the initial stage of cataracts.

13. Take freshly baked rye bread. A hole is cut out in it, into which a faceted glass is installed upside down. Top pressed with something heavy. After an hour and a half, enough liquid appears on the walls of the glass, which should be collected. Instill three drops three times a day from 14 to 21 days.

14. Not quite a traditional option for getting rid of cataracts involves the use of earthworms. The raw materials in the amount of a glass are well washed, put in heat-resistant dishes. Top with a thin layer of salt and add a little sugar. Sent in the oven for ten minutes. After collecting the resulting liquid, filter. Use daily at a dose, three times, until the medicine is over.
Such treatment can dramatically worsen the course of the disease. In addition, salt in the eyes will result in an incredible burning sensation.

Drops from cataracts.

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