Effective diet.

Effective diet.

The most effective diet for weight loss.

Much has been said about various diets. Every sandpiper praises its swamp. The authors of numerous diets unanimously promise lightning fast results. I want to share my diet, I think many will like it, because when it stick to, then do not feel nor any discomfort.
My diet does not require counting calories in food, nor any severe restrictions. This is my daily diet.


Calyx slightly sweet coffee, 2 slices of cheese, a couple of slices of sausage, 2 cookies, a glass of curd or yoghurt. The bread in the morning, I do not drink.


My lunch consists of three malosolёnyh dishes. The bread at lunch I did not eat. But with the third dish three and sometimes four times a week can eat a muffin or cake.


His dinner, I do not give the enemy, and eat it myself, but certainly no later than three hours before bedtime. The truth is I have it not abundant. Sometimes I drink yogurt with bran or chocolate (50 grams), sometimes tea with cakes.


Between lunch and dinner, a snack I have a little fruit. More often I eat an apple or an orange.

Many will say that no diet is not in my power. But it will be only partly true. In fact, my meals, taking into account the susceptibility of the organism to be overweight, is just the best diet for weight loss. The fact is that I have a few secrets that I want to share with you.

I could method of self-hypnosis to tame your appetite. Load is faster, and the number of servings of food significantly reduced. I trained myself to eat very slowly. Because of this, there is still a feeling of saturation when not all eaten.

Sometimes not even eat up to the end of a side dish. I completely abandoned the fast foods and soft drinks. Sometimes I can relax a little bit and drink alcohol, but without snacks. The number of sweets in your diet as much as possible reduced. Sometimes I can afford a small piece of cake.

My «best diet in the world» has allowed for 4 months. lose 20 kg of extra weight I want to note that in this case I strongly did not load your body with exercise. Then he began to use the swimming pool and sauna. As a result — lost another 10 kg.

It is now six months since I live in its such a very democratic system of power, or if you want — a diet. I’m used to feel cheerful and comfortable.


Effective diet.

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