Effective methods for pancreatitis.

Effective methods for pancreatitis.


To relieve the attack and at the same time anesthetize, apply a compress from yogurt. Pre-milk product is heated. A small piece of linen is moistened and applied to the stomach.

Fix on top with cellophane and a scarf. Leave a compress until the morning. The procedure is performed for approximately four weeks.

During this period, refuse sweets (you can eat a little natural honey).
No less effective, according to traditional doctors, a warm paraffin compress. It is applied to the epigastric region, holding for about thirty minutes.

With an exacerbation of the disease, none of the compresses can be used.

Therapeutic syrup

One hundred grams of walnut kernels are rubbed to a powder. In proportion, one to one is combined with May honey. The finished treatment mixture is placed in the refrigerator.

Each morning, use a small spoonful of syrup, preferably on an empty stomach. The treatment of chronic pancreatitis is thus performed until the end of the medication. Pancreatic inflammation can be treated in children.

Olive oil

According to traditional healers, olive oil, used for a couple of large spoons in the morning and afternoon, allows you to forget about discomfort in the pancreas area forever.

Royal jelly

Royal jelly contains many useful substances for the human body. All of them have a beneficial effect on internal organs, including the pancreas.

The daily norm for the treatment of pancreatitis in chronic and acute forms is 100 mg. If desired, milk can be mixed with honey. Therapy is continued for up to three months, and after a short break is repeated.

Royal jelly can cause an allergic reaction. Its use is strictly contraindicated in infectious diseases, as it can provoke a worsening of the condition.


Five drops of geranium oil, orange and oregano are mixed. Enter to a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Use rectally, holding the composition in the rectum for one hour. Conduct sessions three times a week. The course is three weeks.

Milk with parsley

In the inflammatory process in the pancreas, it is recommended to prepare special milk. Wash eight hundred grams of parsley, cut and put into an enameled container.

Pour with fresh milk so as to cover the greens. Put the pan in the oven, not too hot, and allow the milk to melt. Use one large spoon every sixty minutes. The entire volume is used per day.


How to get rid of pancreatitis through mummy? Folk doctors are ready to answer the question — to prepare a special aqueous solution.

Three liters of boiled water at room temperature requires only a few grams of mummy. Take a cup in the evening for ten days. After a break, the course is resumed. The number of courses per year is four.


A parsnip is recognized as a good product for the treatment of pancreatic inflammation at home. Three hundred grams of roots are passed through a meat grinder. The resulting slurry is poured with a liter of village milk and boiled for fifteen minutes with constant stirring.

In the evening, a little decoction is taken for an enema. The remaining volume is divided into four servings and drunk over the next day. It is better to refuse food. Repeat treatment after ten days. Spend three courses.

With urolithiasis, the use of parsnip is dangerous, as it can provoke the release of stones.


The most effective recipes for eliminating pancreatitis at home include the use of sprouted wheat. A handful of crushed sprouts are added to clean water in a one to one proportion.

Bring to a boil, and then introduce a little honey and butter. In the morning and afternoon, porridge replace the meal, and in the evening it is advisable to eat only baked potatoes. After several days of such treatment, acute pain passes and the general condition normalizes.


In its pure form, soda is not used to eliminate the symptoms of pancreatitis. A folk remedy is added to milk or plain water — for a dessert spoon in a glass. To make the taste of the drink more pleasant, honey or a few drops of lemon juice are injected. Drink once a day. Therapy is continued until well-being.


In the restoration of the pancreas, dates help well. Eat them in the morning on an empty stomach — about fifteen pieces. The amount must be odd. Drink dates should be alkaline mineral water. Eating is carried out only after half an hour.

Healing mixture

Pancreatic gland recovery is hindered by a special mixture of a kilogram of lemons (mince through the meat grinder without getting rid of the peel), 300 grams of parsley and 6 cloves of garlic (make gruel).

The ingredients are mixed and sent to a glass jar for two weeks. After drinking a teaspoon three times, drinking tea. Treatment is performed until the end of the medication.


To normalize the functions of the pancreas, garlic is indispensable. It should be eaten during each meal in small quantities.

Effective methods for pancreatitis.

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