Effectively lose weight.

How to effectively lose weight.

Effectively lose weight. Best way to lose weight.

In order to «lose weight forever», there is only one method: a change in lifestyle. We’ll have to sweat, but the guarantee of this method is 100%. Effectively lose weight.

The quieter you go, the further you’ll get.

The optimal speed of weight loss is 2 kg per month. The maximum that is permissible to lose in the first month (but only the first, I repeat) is 3-4 kg. If you make your body lose weight faster, it will be a heavy stress for him.

The organism in this situation begins to intensively produce hormones in the adrenal cortex in order to «hide» from stress. These hormones can increase blood pressure, worsen skin condition and even slow down the weight loss process.

Effectively lose weight.

In addition, a loss of more than 4 kg per month suggests that the body «lets in the consumption» of proteins. That is, there is a disintegration of the muscular, and not only fatty tissue, which we do not need at all. Lose weight more than 4 kg per month, it is possible only with a daily diet of 800 — 1000 calories (depending on the size of a person).

Approximately so much the organism spends on ability to live — breath, digestion, activity of a cardiac muscle, liver and kidney work and so on. If you reduce the daily calorie intake to 800 calories or lower — the body literally begins to eat itself. That is why pure starvation not only does not bring benefits, but is also generally harmful to the body.

Effectively lose weight.

When fasting, the metabolism slows down a little — the «less important» functions are turned off, the speed of updating the tissues is reduced, which are usually updated quickly. The trees shed their leaves in autumn to save vitality. The body «dumps» the hair, keeps on the «hungry rations» the skin and nails.

Anemia develops (including due to a banal shortfall with iron protein), hypovitaminosis. Even if you take multivitamin complexes, then because of the altered state of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, vitamins will be absorbed worse.

When the amount of fat mass in the body is less than 17%, reproductive function is turned off, and menstrual cycle disorders appear even earlier.

It is much more reasonable to gradually and slowly change your way of life so as to consume 1100-1200 calories per day at the weight reduction stage (or 1400 — 1500 calories on a background of physical exercises with a «cost» of 600 calories each 5 times a week), and then switch to The level of 1500 — 1700 calories to maintain the height (the calculation is given for the average woman). In the first months of weight loss, you can distinguish two days a week with an average daily calorie of 600-800 kcal — to increase the effect, but no more.

Hard diets are also possible. But only if they last no longer than a few weeks under medical supervision — and are conducted to initiate the process of weight loss. After this, you must go to a subcaloric diet, which is more properly called rational nutrition and which can be observed for as long as you like.

Sisyphean labor.

It is impossible with one-time action to lose weight «once and for all.» While excess calories will continue to flow, the body will store them.

Therefore, in the treatment of excess weight, there is no concept of «course of treatment». There is the concept of «lifestyle change».

If, after losing ten kilos due to physical stress and diet, a person joyfully returns to his former way of life and again begins to eat 4000 calories daily, he very quickly recovers the weight from which he managed to get rid. One extra candy is 75 calories. One extra candy every day — and we get 4 kg in plus per year.

It is not so difficult to lose weight one-time, much more willpower is needed to then keep it. That is why that diet and the physical stress that you are going through should be such that this new way of life can be observed for as long as you like. And this is possible only if the changes are gradual and consistent.

In any diet, there are two key words: «compliance with the diet» and «hypocaloric», although there may be nuances. For example, some simply forget about chocolate and reduce the amount of carbohydrates (bread and potatoes), someone needs to reduce the number of proteins (although it is less common), someone — fat.
And a rigid diet without the subsequent cardinal change of a way of life is a Sisyphean labor.


Effectively lose weight.

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