Epilepsy treatment.

Healing Herbs for Epilepsy.
Epilepsy treatment.

The strongest plant for the control of epilepsy is considered to be the bluehead. Epilepsy treatment.
This perennial herb reaches 50-70 cm in height, its beautiful and original flowers in the form of blue shishechek (hence the name — blue head), some use for winter bouquets.

Epilepsy treatment.

This plant has pronounced anticonvulsant and sedative properties, in addition, the cyanosis extracts a spastic cough (well removes the asthmatic syndrome), has antitumor properties (with the help of this herbal plant, herbalists treat breast cancer).

Epilepsy treatment.

Sinogolovik grows in the south and in an average strip of Russia. In nature, there is little, in the official pharmacopoeia this plant is not included — so ask the bluehead at herbalists.

It should be used as follows: a teaspoon of finely chopped herb of bluehead (it is better to harvest only the «bumps» of the bluehead, but it is possible and the entire aboveground part of the plant) pour a glass of water, put on fire and boil for 20-30 minutes, then strain.

So you get a dose of medicine for a day — drink this broth for the day.
I know a woman who suffered from epilepsy, which this plant very well helped. However, it must be remembered that the effect of herbs is individual enough, and in the treatment of epilepsy, this can be seen especially clearly: for each epileptic herbs are effective.

Epilepsy treatment.

Therefore, I will list a number of herbs that are used for epilepsy, and your task is to «experiment», to try each of them and to find that plant that is good for you.

If you find such a plant, then constantly drink its infusion or decoction according to the scheme:
3 weeks of drinking, then a week to take a break and so on.
If you feel that two or more plants help you, then alternate them every three weeks.

The main plants that help with epilepsy are herbs-antihypoxants, which promote the supply of blood and brain oxygen: the wintergreen and siksha (another name is expensive grass), as well as the nerves calming the nervous system (wormwood) and marjin root (peony evading ).

Marin root is brewed at the rate of 0.5 tsp for a glass of boiling water, then you need to soak for 10 minutes on low heat, then let it brew for 40-45 minutes and strain — this is a portion of the present for a day.

Epilepsy treatment.

Wormwood is brewed at the rate of a tablespoon per glass, it can not be tormented by fire. Take a teaspoon of finely chopped a glass of boiling water, as well as a teaspoon of shiksha on a glass of water, and the siksh must necessarily be swallowed for at least 10 minutes on low heat. Grushanku and shiksha can be taken in one day, and it is possible and in a day: a day to drink an extract of wintergreen, the next day — an infusion of shiksha and so on.

In the treatment of epilepsy, it is important to combine these herbs — wintergreen and shiksha. You have already tried to take sikshu — try poprinimat it together with grushankoy, maybe this classic combination of herbs for epilepsy will be effective for you.

Epilepsy treatment.


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