Erosion treatment

Erosion treatment

Translated from Latin, “erosion” sounds like “erosion”. This is a superficial epithelial defect in which wounds that are not prone to scarring are formed. The causes of the pathology can be different. The most common are those that are caused by inflammatory processes of the mucous membranes or irritating effect on them.


The classic method of treating cervical erosion with folk remedies is the use of intravaginal swabs made at home. The recommended course of treatment is from a week to three.

1. The following composition helps to get rid of the defect forever: a few drops of castor oil, 1.5 dessert spoons of honey, three teaspoons of aloe juice. The components are mixed. A tampon is moistened in the mixture, which is then inserted into the vagina at night. In the morning, douche is infused with calendula infusion (a spoonful of flowers in two glasses of boiling water).
The mixture contains honey. It is known that the beekeeping product can cause allergies, even if not taken orally.

2. In equal parts, vegetable oil and powdered rosehips are mixed to a powdered state. They languish in the water bath for three hours, stirring regularly. In the cooled composition, the swab is moistened. In the vagina, it should remain until the morning. For the same purpose, you can use a mixture of crushed rosehip, flour and vegetable oil (1: 1: 1).

3. Applications with pumpkin pulp help in the treatment. The fruit is crushed using a blender. Juice is not drained. The swab is soaked in the resulting mass, injected into the vagina at night. Repeat three nights in a row.

4. Appliques with linseed oil are given a similar effect. It is moistened with a swab. Therapy is performed for four nights.

5. Relief occurs when using sea buckthorn oil. Fresh berries are washed and chopped. The juice is drunk, and to the oilcake, in the amount of three glasses, add 500 ml of vegetable oil. After three days, filter. Once again, cake is obtained and poured with existing oil. Stand for three days and filter. A tampon is moistened in the finished oil. Leave for the night. The procedure begins at the end of menstruation. The next month is repeated.

Erosion treatment

6. A tampon with 10% propolis ointment is used for applications for two weeks. The exposure time is 12 hours.

7. The rapid recovery of the cervix in pathology is facilitated by the local use of fresh honey. It is impregnated with a swab. Perform manipulations for 15 days, leaving for ten hours.

8. Fully cure with erosive lesions of the uterus allow tampons with mummies. A solution is prepared from two grams of the product, soaking for 50 minutes in warm water. Applications spend ten days, leaving overnight. There is another recipe: 2 tablets of the mummy are dissolved in a teaspoon of liquid and mixed with a small amount of sea buckthorn oil. In the solution, the swab is abundantly moistened and used as intended, leaving it overnight.
In fact, it is not mummy that can be treated at all, but a remedy from rodent droppings, burnt sugar and clay, which is often passed off as an overseas medicine.

9. For daily use, tampons are suitable with the following composition: one mummy tablet dissolved in a tablespoon of water, one tablespoon of vodka and 1 tsp. honey. A little olive oil is added to the components and mixed thoroughly.

10. Five drops of tea tree oil and a similar amount of peach are dissolved in 1 tbsp. l vegetable oil. A tampon is dipped into the mixture, which is then inserted into the vagina for 2 hours, twice a day for about ten days. After a fourteen-day break, repeat the course. A slightly modified version is also proposed: a few drops of tea tree oil are added to a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

Erosion treatment

11. Take a piece of aloe (5 cm), cut along and twist. The inside is inserted into the vagina. Leave until morning. Repeat week. You can use another recipe: take a «greasy» sheet, cut the thorns, wrap with gauze and put in. The procedure is performed while lying down. The next morning, removed.

12. Fifteen grams of viburnum berries are kneaded, mixed with 5 g of onion gruel, 5 g of honey and a similar amount of vegetable oil. The mixture is wrapped in several layers of gauze and injected into the vagina at night.

13. Take an egg yolk, add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of rye flour. Knead. Put the mixture on cheesecloth, wrap it and insert it into the vagina (the presence of a “tail” is required, for ease of extraction). They survive the night, in the morning they irrigate the uterus with infusion of chamomile.

14. Peel and grate the blue onions. They are mixed with sea buckthorn oil and injected into the vagina in the form of a homemade tampon overnight (placed on gauze). Treatment lasts two weeks, during which it is forbidden to have sex.
Many women owe such a recipe for a burn and swelling of the mucous membrane.

Erosion treatment

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