Excessive appetite.

Excessive appetite.

Wild plants will help fight excessive appetite.

Wild medicinal plants are no less useful, especially their leaves (in salads and pickles) and roots (fried, stewed).
Lightly roasted dandelion roots are very good. Moreover, its roots can be dug from snow to snow. The roots of burdock and creeping wheatgrass are also suitable. Medicinal coffee is made from them.

We recommend using low-calorie plants to satisfy your appetite.

Young leaves of common dream go to salads, more mature ones — in pickling, dried — for the first and in stewing. Leaves of birch, heart-shaped linden, raspberry, coltsfoot, plantain, quinoa, woodlice, angelica are also in stews.

They, in addition, contribute to the self-purification of the body from toxins. The roots of burdock, rhizomes of reeds, wheatgrass are lightly fried after drying and used in the broth, first courses, as substitutes for coffee in the third.

Roasted acorns and chestnuts suppress appetite well. And also apple cider vinegar (1 tablespoon a day — dissolve in a glass of warm boiled water) and beet cake.

You can get rid of hunger if.

Along with the described remedies, follow the recommendations below.

• Create your own system of distraction from hunger. Load yourself up with chores so you don’t have time to look in the fridge. It can be work, reading, crosswords, etc.

• In the morning on an empty stomach, drink 30 ml of hot water.

• Immediately before a meal, drink 1 glass of water slowly, in small sips.

• Hunger can be defeated by eating, for example, 2-3 radishes, a few slices of cucumber, a slice of sweet pepper.

• Find for yourself an edible «brake» that you like, for example, eat carrots, cabbage leaf, tomato, apple, etc.

• Do not use salt and sugar in any form.

• After eating, drink water (tea, juices) only after 2 hours.

• Intermediate meals between main meals help, but with the condition that it will be contain a minimum amount of calories, such as 1 cup of unsweetened orange or other juice.

• During the week, each morning instead of breakfast, eat a handful of dry whole (unpeeled) rice. Chew thoroughly and for a long time, at least 100 times, and then do not eat or drink for 4 hours.

• In the morning before breakfast, jog and walk for 30 minutes.

• In the evening (before bathing) a 20-minute brisk walk.

• At night (instead of water) drink infusion of linden or a decoction of nettle roots (or parsley).

• Every week (Wednesday and Friday) arrange 2 fasting days for vegetables or fruits.

• Once a week, complete abstinence from food (and whoever succeeds — and from water), that is, carry out dry fasting.

• In the evening, a 2-liter cleansing enema (boiled warm water with the juice of one lemon).

Excessive appetite.

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