Face masks after 55 years.

Face masks after 55 years.

Women in adulthood should carefully monitor the skin. Using face masks after 55, you can soften the integument and restore even color. Active ingredients will reduce wrinkles. A well-groomed, luxurious face will be the best reward for applying cosmetic procedures.

Home masks for those over 55.

Effective anti-aging recipes are easy to create on your own. For aging skin, it is important to provide hydration and nourishment. Cosmetics should protect against ultraviolet radiation, bleach pigmentation. Comprehensive care will extend the fresh flowering appearance.

With banana.

To smooth wrinkles, restore elasticity, it is worth using a rejuvenating banana mask. It perfectly nourishes the skin, saturates it with minerals, and stimulates cell regeneration processes. Natural remedy restores lymph outflow, relieves swelling and sagging.
• banana;
• 15 ml almond oil;
• 5 ml of aloe juice;
• 15 drops of tocopherol.
Ripe fruit thoroughly knead to get a homogeneous mass. Squeeze vegetable juice, add to fruit base. To oil revealed its beneficial properties, it is recommended to heat in a water bath. After combining all the ingredients, spread the thick mask on the cleansed skin. It is convenient to use a cosmetic spatula or sponge. Wait 20-25 minutes, complete with the usual washing. Repeat 3-4 times a month.

With gelatin.

A decrease in collagen leads to a loss of elasticity, the formation of deep wrinkles, and the displacement of the oval. To prepare at home an effective tool that provides professional care is possible thanks to natural ingredients. To soften the integument, give elasticity, restore the structure, the procedure is recommended to be performed regularly.
• 20 gr. gelatin;
• 20 ml of milk;
• 10 ml peach oil.
Pour gelatin crystals with hot milk, mix thoroughly until completely dissolved. Separately, heat peach oil, quickly, until the gelatin has frozen, add to the base. Cleanse the face, treat the hair growth line with cream. Apply the mask along the massage lines from the chin. Wait 20 minutes, then carefully remove. Conduct at least 12 sessions every other day.

With sour cream.

It is useful to carry out nourishing procedures for dry skin prone to irritation. It will not be difficult to make a refreshing, rejuvenating mask with your own hands. Effective against age-related changes, age spots and sagging. As a result of the application, the number and depth of wrinkles can be significantly reduced.
• 20 gr. sour cream;
• 10 gr. starch;
• 5 drops of retinol.
Combine chilled sour cream with potato starch, introduce a pharmacy solution of vitamin A. Steam the skin with a compress, cover the face with a thick layer, including the area around the lips. Leave on for 15 minutes, then rinse off as usual.

With parsley.

Home recipes will help get rid of wrinkles around the lips, smooth the skin around the eyes. Saturate integument with a complex of minerals, vitamins, have a tonic effect. The use of gifts of nature helps to maintain a well-groomed, radiant face.
• parsley;
• 10 ml cream;
• 5 gr. daisies.
Grind the medicinal plant in a coffee grinder to a powder state. Using a press, squeeze juice from parsley leaves. After mixing the ingredients, introduce warm milk cream. With light driving movements, distribute the cosmetic mass on the cleaned eyelids and the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle. Leave to act at night, in the morning to perform the usual rituals of beauty.

Face masks after 55 years.

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